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  1. At will-call. Selling for half face.
  2. Well fuck me. Still getting used to the new layout. Delete thread, ban user.
  3. Tell me about it. I'm going this week and I've never been. We're set on the kid stuff (I think). I want to know what cool stuff there is for me to do/see/ride.
  4. "Tries way too hard" is exactly right. I bet his appearance on MNGNNI is going to be cringe-worthy.
  5. Don't get me wrong-- I am a huge Howard fan, but I've never thought his appearances on talk shows or interviews or anything other than his radio show are funny. He was going on and on this morning about how many people told him he gave the greatest introduction speech at the Rock and Roll HOF. It was awful. It wasn't funny at all. I didn't think Fartman was funny. I never thought any of his late night appearances were funny. Watch Howard's speech here
  6. Forgive me if there is already a thread. I searched and don't know how reliable the search feature is on here yet. Scooters in Austin Anyway-- I just rode one of those electric scooter things. There was one by my office and so I downloaded the app and gave it a shot. I rode Bird. Two thoughts... 1) Someone is going to get really hurt riding these things. I'm not a bike rider and I don't know the "rules of the road" so I felt very unsafe and like a car or bus was going to hit me any second. I never really gave thought to how you're supposed to turn left when the bike lane is the far right lane. 2) As a criminal defense attorney-- I look forward to representing someone that gets a DWI on one of these things.
  7. Loro. I guess it's not overrated yet, but it sure has a lot of hype so far. The food was very underwhelming.
  8. Well, Part 1 anyway. Haven’t watched Part 2 yet.
  9. I was really looking forward to this. It was just okay. Not enough moving footage, too heavy on the pictures. It was like a goddamn slideshow.
  10. I’ve been wanting a new pair of boots and am thinking about getting the Tecovas Dillon (caiman). Anyone on here have a pair?
  11. Episode 3 was awful. The acting is just bad.
  12. 9 months. Ferber (sp?). Basically we’re checking on him 5 minutes, 7 minutes, 10, 12, 15, etc. It. Is. Not. Working. He’s just now getting his first teeth so I’m hoping that’s the reason.
  13. My kid is screaming bloody murder right now but my wife won't let me go get him because we're "sleep training him". This better pay off in the end.
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