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  1. That’s plenty of time.
  2. Someone was probably smoking too close to the liquor cabinet.
  3. There has to be an easier way to identify virgins.
  4. You forgot to take a picture of the line of women waiting for him to tickle them.
  5. So now the TV is absolutely the centerpiece of the house since every guest asks about it instead of ignoring it like they do with every other TV?
  6. The problem with propane is that it’s expensive to store a meaningful amount. There are also far fewer places that you can get more.
  7. It’s worth it if you have a NG supply. Propane doesn’t do much for you unless you have a huge buried tank. Get an inverter style. Harbor Freight has some great options. A 3kW generator will run every 120V load in your house (maybe not at the same time).
  8. Exactly. I don’t associate with Android poors.
  9. Or if that doesn’t work, your husband can pour the gas for you.
  10. Are you the aggy that hung the Chilean flag at Pyle Field?
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