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  1. Jack in the Box taco, egg fried in bacon grease, taco sauce. #winning
  2. You were too when you came out of your mom’s can.
  3. Don’t even get me started about hotel thermostats.
  4. Please try and convince me why this is necessary.
  5. One night, back before lunch the next day. Not the least bit concerned about a party. Starting in about 6-7th grade I was frequently left in charge of my little sister while my parents went to 250 miles away for the weekend. This is well before cell phones. I don’t ever recall them calling to check-up on us. Only one party was had late in high school. My wife wants to wait until the kids are 40. I think there’s some compromise to be had.
  6. How old were your kids the first time you let them stay at the house overnight by themselves? Are your kids dipshits or responsible?
  7. You can also set up a free IFTTT account and get an alert whenever the schedule is manually overridden.
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