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  1. Do you happen to have a 7 year loan on a 1998 Corvette? [mention=767]Rocko20[/mention]
  2. It’s just as easy as getting in and out of your mother.
  3. Find the frisky nurse and ask for a handjob during the MRI. Tell them that you’ve got really good insurance.
  4. https://abcnews.go.com/US/oj-simpson-former-football-star-acquitted-murder-dies/story?id=16354000
  5. Black helicopters have an extra blade on their propeller.
  6. This was my move, except for brown. Nearly 20 years ago I switched to a binder clip. I’m still using the original clip. I took the clip from work. Wallet costs this millennium = $0.
  7. It means that a fat skank drives that jeep.
  8. It’s completely asinine. I’ve spent the last couple of years managing some infrastructure growth projects up there. It’s a great place to go if you hate trees and like 40’ wide lots.
  9. This is an excellent idea. This will ensure that there’s nothing left in the estate and he won’t have to bother looking for Jim Bob.
  10. You fucked up by cutting a brisket with that shitty knife.
  11. Did she have to dig it up first?
  12. Whatever temp you want https://a.co/d/fMszHsE
  13. You can also get a cheap electric smoker and use it as a warmer.
  14. Let them cool a little bit before you put them in the cooler or you’ll be serving chopped beef sandwiches and tacos for Easter.
  15. Was their lease up? I seem to remember Champ saying a few years ago that they may have a future issue with the landlord when their lease was up. Or I could have just made that conversation up.
  16. https://apple.news/A7F5DdM1sTteOpDM_kjvLJA
  17. You’re welcome.
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