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  1. When I tried to post these at 5:45 am, it looked like surly was experiencing a DOS attack. Couldn’t get access at all. So here it is. Wordle 373 5/6 #Worldle #157 2/6 (100%) https://worldle.teuteuf.fr Daily Quordle 154 quordle.com
  2. Bitched at or about your autistic son? She’s lucky she’s alive.
  3. It wasn’t built for hurricane evacuations. It wasn’t built for convenience or traffic congestion. Look at property value trends in the area around the GP route Look at those values 20 years ago. Look at them today. Look at the individuals and companies that quietly bought up massive tracts in that envelope 30 years ago. That’s why the GP was built. You’re playing checkers. They’re playing chess.
  4. I can attest that this Farrah poster pleased the ever loving something out of me.
  5. Any horns running around bragging that there was a minuscule scenario of a MNC from the 1991 CB? No, because UT got an all time ass kicking at the hands of the U and recognize the absurdity of it. Oh, and UT has ACTUAL MNCs since WWII. Horns fans have never made that argument. How embarrassing.
  6. They’re intentionally putting second rate QBs against each other. Not HOFers.
  7. From the replies. Has there ever been a fan base that has suckled more on the teat of their conference instead of their own school’s achievements?
  8. Clear some room in your budget. Like as much money as you made your first year working room.
  9. Wordle 372 2/6 #Worldle #156 2/6 (100%) https://worldle.teuteuf.fr Daily Quordle 153 quordle.com
  10. Close but no cigar on the birdie putt. Wordle 371 4/6 #Worldle #155 2/6 (100%) https://worldle.teuteuf.fr Daily Quordle 152 quordle.com
  11. Bottom right is very specific. Looks like the bracket author had a bad experience.
  12. We have a colleague staying with us for a couple of weeks. I’m out of town and she arrived last night. She’s from the UK and when I talked to her by phone yesterday she was laughing about how big a vehicle they gave her at the rental place. She didn’t know what car (brand, make, model) it was. This morning I asked Mrs. NNM if guest got there ok, if everything was good. I also asked what kind of car guest has. The answer was “black.”
  13. This was a good day overall. Wordle 370 3/6 Tricky Worldle. Not a country. #Worldle #154 3/6 (100%) https://worldle.teuteuf.fr Daily Quordle 151 quordle.com
  14. Yes, that’s one of the problems. The other is that if you breathe on it, or look at it across the room, or think about looking at it, it randomly fast forwards, or rewinds, or switches programs altogether.
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