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  1. Brent Z and Billy L. Baghdad Bobs of aggy.
  2. https://www.si.com/college/tamu/football/texas-aggies-podcast-devon-achane-heisman-trophy-candidate-sec-news
  3. Jimbo has not proven he’s a good recruiter. Sweet aggy bucks were good recruiters for one year. How about this year’s class?
  4. Brent Venables doesn’t return his shopping cart to the cart corral when he finishes unloading his groceries in his Bro Dozer double-parked in a handicapped space adjoining a fire zone. Can’t believe it took this long.
  5. Brent Z getting the ‘23 roller coaster fired up…
  6. Just spent my Sunday morning coffee time reading the thread since I was at the game. Very satisfying. Ewers and Bijan should put up 600 yards between them next week. Have fun.
  7. Wordle 470 4/6 #Worldle #254 2/6 (100%) https://worldle.teuteuf.fr Daily Quordle 251 quordle.com
  8. Once again, Moar texags screenshots plz. Kthanksbye
  9. Don’t care if previously bumped. At game. Is glorious.
  10. You obviously don’t have teenage boys in the house. Mine’s grown now, but when he was here, having buddies over, a gallon of milk would last 2 days, max. My brother and I used to go through a gallon I a day I think.
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