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  1. That French boule shit is making me angry.
  2. That lawsuit reads like a 3rd grader wrote it. Narrator: It was a non-English speaking 3rd grader from Kathmandu.
  3. Now watch us go elect one of the Kardashians. I've certainly fucked worse.
  4. If you're ever in Schulenberg, stop by City Market (meat market, home of the 50 foot wiener). They make their own wieners, and they are fantastic. https://www.citymarketsch.com
  5. Steel Shank thread ----------> (looks super kick ass)
  6. "Where's the japs?" - standard Surly response. Looks pretty fucking tasty. Bet it pairs nicely with a cold Bud Light.
  7. I have it on good authority that most of the management for the Bills are huge UT fans. They picked up Wydermyer then cut him just to fuck with aggy.
  8. https://www.sportscasting.com/foxs-aqib-talib-had-a-lengthy-rap-sheet-during-his-playing-days/
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