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  1. Sorry if it’s been discussed, but it looked like the LIV golfers were wearing shirts with similar logos. Any backstory?
  2. Land up 35%, 18% overall. SW Austin. Land since 2021 up 475%.
  3. If I'm Sweatt, I argue that the cop appeared intoxicated - eyes were watery, used grossly negligent grammar, slurred speech and poor balance.
  4. Squeeze me baby, 'til the juice runs down my legSqueeze me baby, 'til the juice runs down my legThe way you squeeze my lemon, ahI'm gonna fall right out of bed
  5. I wonder, just to take it up a notch, if they can incorporate guns into the bonfire tradition?
  6. Arkansas thinking they “stole” Cal reminds me of aggy and Jimbo.
  7. I have the strangest "anticipation" boner! lol!!!
  8. Appraisal Districts getting into the pipe laying business.
  9. When you put a lot of hot, sweaty, untrimmed gash on the court at the same time, shit's going to happen.
  10. Three chicks at the same time.
  11. Let’s think positive as I plan on going.
  12. Yeah, using a eulogy to characterize an individual is foolish. Read the obits in the paper. Every one of those dead motherfuckers “lit up the room when they walked in” and “was loved by everyone they met”. Bullfuckingshit.
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