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  1. Although extremely unlikely, I think it'd be funny as shit if Jimbo went to WV and won an NC, or at least took them to the playoffs. Aggy would lose their shit.
  2. I think somebody could use a Little Debbie snack cake.
  3. I believe I heard "bitch-ass ni**er" (one black dude to another black dude) and multiple "bitch-ass bitch". These terms, along with "Sup?"/"Sup ni**er?" (whilst administering a beating) are essential in street fights.
  4. This all sounds like one of my ill-planned spring break rips from back in the day. Didn't turn out well, but survived. Don't see that here.
  5. Are there any super hot grandmaster chess chicks? "Cerebral gash", so to speak.
  6. I, like many others here, went, Yo! WTF??!!
  7. Left over BBQ pork loin from Saturday breakfast tacos. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Dumb motherfuckers armed with an AR15. Parking shit on train tracks. smh
  9. I'd rather lay pipe than lose to Tech like we did.
  10. I tend to remember me being much faster than I actually was as a younger man, so I'll leave "Steel Shank" of my list. I do dig fast women.
  11. He got there as fast as he could. They also missed out on Sonny Curtis, who was from Meadow, just up the road from Brownfield.
  12. Gary was born in Oklahoma, later moving to Texas. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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