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  1. Pass on the que and go to Perini Ranch Steakhouse in Buffalo Gap.
  2. Great job for a freshman with one of the top hitting teams in the country.
  3. Seems like Vic has attempted to build a team around Rori. It is tough currently with the status of elite programs fielding teams built on size, quickness, and athleticism to build your team around a small guard, as good as Rori is. Rori is capable of making great players even better because of her basketball savvy. She just needs real athletes to feed the ball to.
  4. Terry has done an excellent job under an adverse situation. If he is named head coach, I would just say…Hook’em. However, I still believe that if he was named our head coach a couple of years ago, like Beard, we would not be going to Sweat Sixteen.
  5. I’ve lived through youth, now experiencing being older. I’m not sure about the threads premise. I’ve found whiners are prevalent among the younger just as much as elders. We just whine about different things.
  6. Thanks Brisket. Fatty flattie: No. I want to be held to the same standard as @Brisketexan Fatty, I want to hear your intellectual response. No one liners please.
  7. ^ Barrell makes a damn fine product. Agree totally.
  8. ruitxn

    Rodney Terry

    The dye for this year has already been cast and I hope the team and Coach Terry takes it far as it can. The dye has not been cast yet for the future of Horn basketball. I feel our future success is dependent on top tier coaching and top tier recruiting. Coach Terry has to put his resume against other coaches who will be interested in what I feel like is an emerging program. I’m hoping the best coach will rise to the top and be hired.
  9. You are probably right about another year, but it also gives you aggy like recruiting and departures. I doubt a year five.
  10. Really, just looked like another typical mediocre Texas performance. I’m getting sick of it though.
  11. Who knows about Sanders. Haven’t we only thrown to him once.
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