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  1. Apparently some fans are revolting against Freeze being their head coach so it might not happen now.
  2. Forgot to say that you should be very proud of yourself.
  3. Excellent and thanks for responding. I did a 70.3 last year and leaning towards doing that and the 140.6 next year in my hometown of Chattanooga Tn.
  4. As I come closer and closer to signing up for my first full I have to ask how you did? Are you glad you did it? Was it worth it all?
  5. That was my strategy with women in college.
  6. Seriously. First redeeming thing he has done in a month.
  7. At this point I don’t even blame him. I blame his pathetic fans.
  8. A good moderator eventually pisses everyone off. It’s a tough business.
  9. I keep saying it after every new thing. She appears to be turning up the rhetoric if that is even possible.
  10. I wish someone would put a bullet in this dumb bitch. She is trying to incite violence. Just another fucking loser following the playbook of a fucking loser. Shit like this makes it hard for me to consider voting R again.
  11. We had our backups in and trying to get in playoffs. Un clutch thy pearls.
  12. Are you saying you think Lake beats Hobbs? I have an irrational hatred of Lake so I have trouble comprehending sometimes.
  13. The only race I care about it Lake losing Arizona. I cannot believe people in good conscience can vote for her.
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