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  1. Any good ones that aren’t high in sodium?
  2. Quite a QB room they have there!
  3. Think how impressive all this would be if Talor Gooch had been in those fields!
  4. i remember being out at ACL when the Access Hollywood story broke and people kind of celebrating when talking about it because we thought he was finally finished. oh what sweet children we were!
  5. baking is the only thing Randall's has consistently done better, imo.
  6. Glad he's a Horn but this is getting boring quickly!
  7. You know it’s noon there, right?
  8. She’s playing in a major right now.
  9. Agree. I may like it more than the movie but it has been a long time since I’ve watched. Just saw that Freddie is Sting’s kid.
  10. Glad we’re staying in AA and won’t have to deal with traffic that early. More bar time post game too.
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