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  1. Tech scored 14 last week and 20 in regulation against Houston.
  2. Card wasn’t the one that decided to give the ball to his best player 15 times.
  3. Are the “wait until Quinn is back” the same folks that were yelling “Saban went 6-6 his first year at Bama?”
  4. We had a 2 TD lead and the ball in tech territory and he called a play that had already been stuffed 3 times. Ewers is not solving our problems or beating the teams we need to beat with that shit.
  5. No. Not really. You think people filling these stadiums all went to those schools? You go to Texas games and think most of those folks are alums?
  6. Haha. This day may suck a little less.
  7. Most CFB fans choose teams for reasons other than the academic institution it represents.
  8. I’m not really pissed about the loss. I’m used to those now. I’m pissed that it was allowed to slide into mediocrity.
  9. Ewers looked great against Bama until he got hurt but the hyperbole about what he will mean to this team when he comes back is way overblown. We have a lot of issues that he won’t cover up. On the field and the sidelines.
  10. There are definitely other factors but Sark was always a terrible hire. The guy is a badass OC. That’s it.
  11. Both sides collapsed. Offense had the ball 6(?) times after going up 14 and managed 3 points.
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