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  1. Come on down, Jon Rahm. I guess they all have their price.
  2. Saw them last time they were at Stubb's in 2021. Very good show.
  3. Fuck. Playoffs will be dominated by the few teams that still have their starter.
  4. Same. If I hadn’t been in ‘06 I may feel differently though.
  5. Peyton singing while Tua plays guitar. Haha.
  6. They’re going to race each other at halftime.
  7. 4th&Five

    2023 Heisman

    At least there’s one non-qb.
  8. We actually had a really great lunch at Avenue Pub on Saturday. I hadn't been in 10+ years but it was a great place to hang and watch some football and grab a great sandwich. Brunch at Gris Gris yesterday was a bit disappointing but I may have mis-ordered.
  9. he's an absolute nutjob. good coach though.
  10. what was UM's defensive rank last year going into the tcu game? or the year before going into UGA?
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