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  1. His catchable ball rate sucks and his receivers drop a lot. Sounds like a winning combination.
  2. Jerry must have given him the HCIW title. With that, they for sure better go a different route at OC. I could understand if they lost Quinn not wanting to bring in 2 new coordinators.
  3. I think they said Stafford's cap hit was 10% of the cap last year, but that doesn't seem correct.
  4. The Ticket had a breakdown this morning about SB winners and QB cap allocation. Brady with TB had the highest % of cap for a super bowl winning qb at 12%. Peyton Manning was the highest to make it to a SB at 18%, but lost to the Saints. Dak will be at 22% next season. QB is the most important position, but it seems that these outrageous contracts for them only keep you in the discussion, and there is always just going to be a better built team with either a really good QB on a rookie contract or a bus driver QB.
  5. Dolly Parton's Stampede ftw. Let's put it this way, the best part about my spring break family vacation to Branson a few years back, was walking into Walmart and seeing liquor on the shelves. That was pretty cool.
  6. Plenty of public bathrooms here in the states where patrons don't even bother getting their shit or paper in the toilet.
  7. Sounds like a scam. Not scam in the sense that the letter came from India, but just that they have no authority to collect anything after the fact, so they just issue a scary letter hoping 5% of them pay up.
  8. There aren't that many teams who have their shit together, so he's probably going to be wasted regardless.
  9. Agree. Maybe our QB having a mediocre security blanket is part of the problem with this offense.
  10. Bullshit. The next thing my dad taught me after he taught me to never point a gun at someone unless you intend to kill them, and to treat every weapon you handle as loaded, is how to help the victim that you inadvertently shoot.
  11. There are other ways to determine ones progress in a subject other than homework. Kids actually go to class and converse with the teachers about the things they are learning. They don't need homework to tell them who is getting it. To your overall point, yes a kid who has parents taking an actual initiative in their child's education is how it's supposed to be. If you ever have kids, you'll know they are going to learn a lot more from you than any teacher. A parent doing their kids homework for them serves no point, a parent teaching their kids at home does.
  12. He only had 4 picks in 2016 so unless it was a bunch of fumbles
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