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  1. I prefer to remember Anne Heche in the movie Wild Side and all of her girl-on-girl scenes with Joan Chen.
  2. Rebel Toad is good. There is also Nueces Brewing. Food in addition to beer. Lorelei is a small place with not much indoor seating so you may have to sit outside if it is crowded. But I like their brews. I personally think Lazy Beach is not worth the trip but if for some reason you are on the south side, well, it is there. They have hard kombucha if that is your thing.
  3. You ever try to get blood and brain splatter refrigerant or other fluids one would use in the HVAC business off an uncoated garage floor? It is much easier to clean up a coated floor. Hypothetically speaking, of course.
  4. For those of us who used to watch the ESPN NFL pre-game show back in the day, Hank Goldberg passed away. Made it to 82. No word on if that beat the over/under. https://www.espn.com/espn/story/_/id/34193642/espn-nfl-reporter-handicapping-expert-hank-goldberg-dies-82
  5. I am assuming that things have not changed from when I visited the Louvre several years ago and to see the Mona Lisa one had to make his or her way through a mob of Asian tourists. Also, wasn't it just a few weeks ago that someone rolled up to the Mona Lisa in a wheelchair and smeared cake all over the glass shield protecting the painting? I am not accusing anyone of anything, but the timing of your visit make me suspicious...
  6. Plus there is the fact that Notre Dame's head coach is a Florida State alum.
  7. I feel like this post should have a "Enjoy Arby's" tacked on to the end. It has a very Nihilist Arby's feel to it.
  8. Texas better win on the field because it sure as shit is not winning at this bar.
  9. No, I was at UT in the mid 90s. That was my main takeaway from that job: sales are not in my future. My knives are still going strong after about 25 years, though.
  10. As a one time sales rep for Cutco, I appreciate the gourmet prep knife getting some use.
  11. Perhaps. Also just could be a financial thing. Who knows. Maybe the academies could do something like keep it in Philly and/or New York most years and explore moving it around like every third or fourth year. Play the game in a different location during leap years or something. I would think both academies would at least entertain the idea of moving the game around from a recruiting viewpoint, both athletic and general student population. But, like most things in life, it probably comes down to a question of money.
  12. The Army / Air Force game this past season was at JerryWorld. Any idea on what the cadet attendance from each academy was for that?
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