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  1. There is a sex tent joke in here somewhere but it escapes me right now.
  2. If you leave out all years after 1995 and before 2012 that are not 1998, Texas A&M averages 11 wins a year. That's just basic math ya dumb sip.
  3. I am guessing with an increase in hospital admissions for alcohol poisoning. Edit: I see @Bevo14 is thinking the same thing.
  4. I half expect the committee to come up with some bs reason why Bama, Georgia, Michigan, and Ohio State are in the playoff. Probably something to do with completion percentage.
  5. From Winsipedia (don't think they've updated with today's result): Kind of pissed that we are even with West Virginia. We all know about aggy and the children of the corn. Texas is 12-7-0 against Colorado and 18-6-0 against Missouri. BYU...well, it is what it is.
  6. Probably a shopping center somewhere in Waxahachie that has space for both. Seems like having a depilatory studio next door to a strip club would just make good business sense.
  7. Could probably go in several different threads but I'll just put it here. Video: Florida man with ‘all gas, no brakes’ neck tattoo crashes after fleeing Polk County crime scene
  8. Seems like an appropriate thread to post this. Sergey Brin has too much money, decides to bring back the blimp and makes it really big. The world’s largest aircraft breaks cover in Silicon Valley (Some other technical information here.)
  9. ESPN was all over that yesterday. https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/38880958/what-buy-jimbo-fisher-768-million-buyout-texas-am
  10. Lucci about ready to be interviewed on SiriusXm 84 if anyone is interested. Should be interesting. Edit: jdhorn92 is also listening apparently.
  11. Iowa 22, Rutgers 0 Someone check on Kirk Ferentz. All of that offense may have induced cardiac arrest. The o/u for this game is listed as 27.5 on ESPN's website, so despite Iowa exploding for 2 touchdowns and 3 field goals the under still hit. LOL.
  12. Halloween pumpkins are an environmental nightmare. Here's an earth-friendly guide for throwing them away Thanks for destroying the earth by celebrating Halloween you bastards.
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