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  1. Night games with Ron Franklin and Mike Gottfried, when the heat had finally broken and it was cool outside, from Austin or Baton Rouge or Auburn or some other SWC/Big XII/SEC location...I always thought that was just as much the sound of college football as hearing Keith Jackson's voice calling a game. Probably because he did so many Texas games in Omaha when the baseball team was making all of those runs in the CWS in the early 2000s, I associate Mike Patrick more with that than college football. Still, I never had a problem with him on a football broadcast.
  2. How do you know I was not thinking of Magnus Samuelsson?
  3. Anyone know if Mr. Shank was in the greater Atlanta metro area this morning? https://www.11alive.com/article/news/local/crash-spills-bud-light-i-75-cartersville/85-17ce938a-29f9-4c11-ab4f-9e10f8f65635
  4. Mississippi State at LSU has some potential to be interesting. Other than that, not much outside of the games already mentioned look that appealing at first glance.
  5. Contestant in The World's Strongest Man would also be an acceptable answer.
  6. 1999, 2007. Whatever it takes.
  7. I believe that was in San Antonio before aggy met pedo state in the Alamo Bowl. A check of the intertubes says they have met in two Alamo Bowls, 1999 and 2007. I think it might have been before the 1999 game when this happened.
  8. Guess it is time to update thread title to "Fired Scott Frost"...
  9. There's a thread in the Food and Travel forum on Eugene that might have useful information.
  10. Figured this would work better in this thread than on the Food forum. After a two year hiatus the World Gravy Wrestling Championships were contested this past Monday. If that is not a sign things are getting back to normal I do not know what is. https://worldgravywrestling.com/
  11. That fat fucking retard Bret Bielema and the Wisconsin Badgers beat Nebraska 70-31 in the 2012 B1G title game. So you almost got your wish 10 years ago. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2012_Big_Ten_Football_Championship_Game
  12. If I recall, they moved the PGA so there would be 1 major a month on the calendar starting in April with the Masters. Well, if you ask the PGA Tour, the majors start in March with the Players Championship, but I personally have never bought that line of bs. The US Open has their thing with Father's Day so they unofficially have June locked up. Leaving the British Open in July gives them the spotlight as the final golf major of the year. Plus when the PGA was in August there were a lot of courses in the south that the PGA wanted to visit but were reluctant to because of the hot weather. Then you have the Ryder Cup, Presidents Cup, and FedEx stuff to consider, so playing the PGA any later in the year is not really feasible.
  13. I think this guy might have been on the old site. Was it on the shag where there was a Nebraska poster, BoBigRed? Maybe I am thinking of some other site I used to frequent. Either that or he used to do the Nebraska SB Nation site.
  14. The crowd at the Butter Churn will also make you think twice about another trip to the buffet. Not exactly the picture of youth or health. That being said, good food for a buffet. I was at the Aransas Pass location last Friday for a work lunch and did not eat again until sometime late Saturday morning. I kind of miss the original location in Aransas Pass that used to be a funeral home.
  15. As a resident of San Patricio county, I am gruntled by this news.
  16. One could argue that having Georgia yet to visit aggy is just simply keeping in line with historical SEC play. For example, Georgia and LSU, both founding members of the SEC in 1932, have faced each other a grand total of...32 times. And that includes 4 matchups in the SEC title game. The two schools went from 1954 through 1977 without seeing each other in football and had several other decent lengths of time without playing. Florida and Tennessee, also two of the founding SEC members, have played each other only 51 times. They went from 1956 to 1968 without playing and really only started playing each other when forced to once the SEC went to divisions in 1992. Alabama and Kentucky have only faced each other 41 times in football. Hell, Alabama and Auburn did not play each other from 1908 to 1947. I am sure there were all sorts of reasons why the SEC schools did not play each other on a yearly basis prior to expansion in 1992, but the fact that aggy and misery have yet to either visit or host some conference members really should not be all that surprising considering the current conference makeup and scheduling model and the general scheduling history of the conference.
  17. I think the previous owners were named Tommy and Gina. Tommy finally got his six string out of hock after the union got the strike at the docks ended. With regular employment, some overtime, and Gina's tips from the diner, they treated themselves to a new garage floor.
  18. Not really PGA Tour related, but someone at the USGA is clearly a big Seinfeld fan. Seinfeld group highlights notable US Amateur stroke play groupings Rooting for Travis Vick to win or at least make a deep run like last year in the Amateur.
  19. As a resident of the coastal bend I can confirm that soakage is currently happening. And it is badly needed.
  20. I prefer to remember Anne Heche in the movie Wild Side and all of her girl-on-girl scenes with Joan Chen.
  21. Rebel Toad is good. There is also Nueces Brewing. Food in addition to beer. Lorelei is a small place with not much indoor seating so you may have to sit outside if it is crowded. But I like their brews. I personally think Lazy Beach is not worth the trip but if for some reason you are on the south side, well, it is there. They have hard kombucha if that is your thing.
  22. You ever try to get blood and brain splatter refrigerant or other fluids one would use in the HVAC business off an uncoated garage floor? It is much easier to clean up a coated floor. Hypothetically speaking, of course.
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