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  1. I think a political party actually should tell a 76-year-old not to run for a seat where she'll be 84 when her term ends.
  2. He played here closer in time to Tommy Nobis being on campus than to today.
  3. Don't get that dipshit started. Visit the Beard thread if you simply must read his terrible opinions.
  4. First time I've gotten the ads aids. I now understand all the complaints.
  5. I'm not the one who showed blatant hypocrisy. I appreciate stats, including Judge's. You followed along breathlessly all summer as a stat was chased by a loser and then come in here with that stupid take that only wins and losses matter and nobody pays attention to stats.
  6. As mentioned above, you need to study up on innocent until proven guilty. You seem to think people shouldn't be arrested until they're convicted. Walk us through the sequence of events from crime to conviction in your world.
  7. It's okay, little buddy. Your guy is still dreamy.
  8. They absolutely could. They just don't want to, then they'll tell each other how it's the greatest place in the world even though they all left forever as soon as they could.
  9. The next school up 290 has been without power for a few hours, so he may not visit EVERY area school.
  10. Not really. Basketball measurements would have been junior year, right?
  11. 10 days ago a large segment of the football board was angry we didn't hire Sonny Dykes.
  12. Probably at least a 20% chance Petrino resigns to take a job elsewhere after he sees the roster damage after May.
  13. Yes, a Georgia football fan is claiming to be inconsolable. He should go shoot himself in his dick and then shut up.
  14. Exactly. When you're really good and have had success and act like that you're a competitor. When you haven't had success and act like that you're a punk. Ridiculous that it's not getting more national discussion.
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