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  1. Putting aside the breathtaking closed mindedness that you displayed by assuming the only alternative to being Christian is being an atheist, I'll play along. Natural rights (natural human rights since that's obviously what we're talking about): Right to bodily security and autonomy (this includes the right to life because killing someone obviously violates it) Right to privacy Right to liberty Those are the main ones off the top of my head and of course they're all interrelated. Comes down to you don't get to fuck with other people. These rights can be forfeited of course. If I kill someone then I have forfeited some or all of those rights, which ones and to what extent is another discussion.
  2. Of course natural rights are not dependent on the government, that's what the term natural rights means. My view on any particular religion or even religion overall is irrelevant to that question.
  3. You should try again after actually thinking about what you write. For example, I believe in natural rights that do not require governmental authority, but I think the Christian religion is a fraud. So no, believing in natural rights doesn't make you a Christian nationalist because it doesn't even make you a Christian.
  4. Except that one is at least debatable as a question. The Sun and Earth both revolve around their shared center of mass (barycenter). Obviously due to the size disparity that point is within the space occupied by the Sun and nearly at its center but the point remains. E.g., the barycenter for the Sun and Jupiter is outside the Sun. Bottom line is that as is the case with all orbiting objects, the Sun and Earth orbit each other.
  5. I'm the same pedant I've always been. If you want to have a playoff then have a playoff. And the end game in that is to split them off, not for me to watch Coastal Carolina and New Mexico in the CFP playoff.
  6. I'll play my broken record, it should be 16 with all conference champs getting an auto bid. If it's possible to go undefeated and not win the competition's championship then it's not a real playoff. The possibility is now much smaller as it would usually take multiple undefeated small conference teams but it still exists. If the power conferences don't like that then man up and split off from the rest of FBS. Last point is that as top programs continue to consolidate into fewer conferences the season records we instinctively associate with good teams will have to change. When we finally and fully get into a power 2 situation and they increase conference games and get rid of crappy non-conference matchups a 9-3 record will typically mean that's a very good team.
  7. Beclowning oneself is the gold standard of doing something to show you shouldn't be taken seriously.
  8. Thanks, that certainly supports what my instinct was.
  9. That seems logical in some ways but I'm not sure that's how it plays out. A bye can't possibly be worse odds than a scrub. And there is zero injury risk. And your second round opponent isn't necessarily better than the #4 seed. You're playing the 8/9 winner. I think in the long run it will be about the same either way but if you win your conference then you're a conference champion. And contrary to what Mack Brown apparently convinced some people around here of, that does matter.
  10. A top team from those conferences that loses their title game will play the first round at home.
  11. Nothing wrong with byes and it was the best (only) way to make winning the conference championship game important. The conferences still make a lot of money on those so they don't want them to become irrelevant.
  12. The article isn't clear but the quote accurately states what the study found. That many schools had a significant percentage of respondents who called Texas "a rival" not necessarily their main rival. And that agrees with what we've all seen.
  13. Confused and senile or predictable? Your inability to choose one proves that you're either trolling, dumb, or both.
  14. Is this hypothetical I just came up with true? If it is then I'm so upset! Do you also get angry when you imagine that your husband is thinking of other women?
  15. The father issues in FoD aren't "heterosexual." Gay sons face the same issues (if they have a decent father so their sexuality isn't the dominant issue).
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