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  1. This post is funny when the guy you're replying to supplied proof that it's incorrect. Chamberlain was more efficient and nearly matched Russell in assists even though Russell had superior teammates. In fact, that's the way that Russell was more conducive toward winning, by having better teammates. Weird how that works.
  2. Sports fans and media did not yet ascribe team success to the star player on each team in his day. You can decide for yourself if that's a good or bad thing. But if you don't want to be a giant dunderhead you will conclude that it's good not to ascribe a team's success solely to the star player.
  3. Why are you assuming that Williams isn't a tackle option just because of a report that he's been so good he might start at guard?
  4. Yes, they got lucky. They didn't drain a 75 foot full court heave, dude. They smoked two doubles around a walk and didn't even need an out. And that's after the 8th where Mexico got lucky that a wild pitch hit the batter's head or Japan would probably have tied it before the 9th even started (admittedly assuming the sac fly still happens).
  5. I'm old so readily admit I don't understand Twitter all the way. But did Jomboy basically just see a video on Twitter, then post it as though he made it or found it instead of replying/retweeting?
  6. VY led the nation in passing efficiency in 2005 (regular season at least). The poster you replied to mentioned stats, not pure passing. Obviously VY's passing production was helped by his run threat but that applies to his freshman year stats, too. So the poster's point remains valid.
  7. No worries I was just wondering if I'd missed some major injury on Fulham or Villa or something.
  8. Everyone knows bullpen catcher is one of the greatest jobs in the world. Just one more piece of evidence.
  9. Let's also not act like recruiting to UTEP should be easy because it's "in Texas." As far as the talent hotbeds are concerned, UTEP might as well be in New Mexico. UTEP is about the same drive from Dallas as Mizzou and the same drive from Houston as Florida State. I'm with those who aren't thrilled about the likelihood of Terry getting the job but won't say much about it because he has been a godsend to our program this year.
  10. Poster - Win Probability (# Paths) Huckleberry - 34.72% (10,580) shadow_operative - 29.65% (13,387) ztejas - 13.26% (3,944) HornOnTheBayou - 11.82% (1,985) Wulaw Horn - 8.67% (2,627) Tie - 1.87% (245) BigOrange1 - 0.00% (0) Prepuce of Doom - 0.00% (0) Zepol87 - 0.00% (0)
  11. Through second round: Poster, Current Score, EV shadow_operative, 75, 113.91 Huckleberry, 69, 110.14 ztejas, 52, 93.13 Wulaw Horn, 43, 79.89 BigOrange1, 39, 39.00 HornOnTheBayou, 35, 75.06 Zepol87, 19, 27.87 Prepuce of Doom, 15, 15.00 Sweet 16 analysis coming later
  12. Live update: Poster, Current Score, EV Huckleberry, 69, 108.24 shadow_operative, 65, 105.16 ztejas, 52, 103.11 Wulaw Horn, 43, 79.89 BigOrange1, 39, 48.00 HornOnTheBayou, 35, 76.45 Prepuce of Doom, 15, 15.00 Zepol87, 13, 21.82
  13. Now that's some good info. So now 4 of 38 have played to seed. I know it's obviously harder for a 1 or 2 to play to their seed but I'm sure those that started the season ranked fare better than doing it 10.5% of the time.
  14. Yep ESPN is trying to fuck it over, I assume because Fox has the games. But this won't be the last one at all. It is growing in popularity and ESPN's bitterness won't be enough.
  15. John Harris in football might be close in terms of coming out of nowhere but neither he nor the team were as good as Disu and this team are right now. Edit - looked up Harris's game log and he wasn't a mid-season development. I remembered that incorrectly.
  16. I will grant them that a single elimination tournament is the worst way to to make sure the best team is the champion (in any sport at any level, that's just the nature of competition because upsets happen). But that's not what the tournament is about. The tournament is about crowning a champion and it's the best way to do that.
  17. Update through Saturday Poster, Current Score, EV Huckleberry, 69, 108.59 shadow_operative, 47, 102.14 BigOrange1, 39, 64.61 ztejas, 38, 89.73 HornOnTheBayou, 23, 67.42 Wulaw Horn, 23, 53.75 Prepuce of Doom, 15, 37.06 Zepol87, 13, 28.35
  18. Who are you talking about here? Because if you're saying that Shaka Smart built a Top 10 team and won with a team he built in a power conference I'd like to know what you're smoking.
  19. Through end of first round Poster, Current Score, EV BigOrange1, 39, 74.84 shadow_operative, 35, 125.08 Huckleberry, 29, 80.62 ztejas, 22, 75.00 Wulaw Horn, 19, 70.69 HornOnTheBayou, 19, 63.22 Prepuce of Doom, 15, 44.42 Zepol87, 13, 44.36
  20. Live update with 2 first round games still in progress Poster, Current Score, EV shadow_operative, 35, 125.16 BigOrange1, 35, 68.26 Huckleberry, 29, 80.88 HornOnTheBayou, 19, 60.96 ztejas, 16, 76.67 Wulaw Horn, 19, 70.76 Prepuce of Doom, 15, 53.19 Zepol87, 13, 44.81
  21. Yeah I might be a bit biased because I have VCU in the seeded draft but the refs in their game seem extremely biased. Called a tech on the VCU coach, meanwhile the St. Mary's players chirp at them after every single call against them.
  22. Through today's three finals Poster, Current Score, EV Huckleberry, 29, 86.32 shadow_operative, 21, 88.70 Wulaw Horn, 16, 89.52 BigOrange1, 13, 55.51 ztejas, 12, 78.30 Prepuce of Doom, 10, 51.44 Zepol87, 8, 67.37 HornOnTheBayou, 2, 54.95 I really need VCU to pull this off, not looking good.
  23. Yeah but I had zero time this year to look at anything or adjust. I figured I'd end up with Tennessee and Marquette on this board because of that. Ha. After the first day only (not including today's early games): Poster, Current Score, EV Huckleberry, 29, 101.76 shadow_operative, 21, 89.03 BigOrange1, 13, 56.71 Wulaw Horn, 9, 83.70 ztejas, 9, 77.16 Zepol87, 8, 67.48 Prepuce of Doom, 7, 49.19 HornOnTheBayou, 2, 59.17
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