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  1. We're not doctors, gentlemen. The NCAA has testing programs for this. Let's let them worry about it. Besides, it's not that hard to put on 35 pounds in a summer, if you really hit the gym.
  2. Leg is probably being amputated as I type.
  3. Maybe you should stick to boiling them.
  4. There is no face to be saved if nobody is paying attention to you in the first place.
  5. Deadpool is on Disney+, but I might give the Disney/Hulu/Espn bundle a look regardless. I don't really need it to drop on my streaming service, I'd just settle for eventually being available to rent on amazon or something.
  6. I have Disney so i'll wait for it to drop there. Thanks
  7. The above chart isn't QBR either it's their ratings. I don't know why ESPN has QBR which I think most assume is shorthand for QB rating, but they list the rating as a different #.
  8. Do Hulu movies ever get released to rent for non hulu folks? Wouldn't mind seeing this but I'm not signing up for another service for it.
  9. Ewers being good is the only path to a successful season, so we are going to latch on to it until proven otherwise. Then we take it out on our livers.
  10. Netflix one is a little bit more detail, but you already know the story.
  11. Get her one of those posters with a kitten or puppy hanging on a clothesline that says hand in there.
  12. My scouting would be saving, simulating ahead and checking rosters for the best overall freshman, and just recruit those guys.
  13. Sounds like Sark decked the Hall.
  14. Almost went from hero to zero if that toss was a foot to the left.
  15. Any relation to Mike? If so, really huge failure from this coaching staff.
  16. There is no way it's true because we can't have nice things, but what's left of the Russ show is worse than Norm and Donny.
  17. Darrell Scott possibly? Big time RB in 08 that was all Texas but then went to Colorado and totally bombed.
  18. How is mentioning Bijan’s lambo bad for Texas?
  19. Regardless of how much coverage she has, they don't exactly move lightning fast to pay.
  20. Are you trying to say Jesus Christ can’t hit a curveball?
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