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  1. Who doesn't want to tailgate and then drive to the game?
  2. Because CFB in 1984 has anything to do with the current format of the sport. I would have been a fan of them being in a 4 team playoff though.
  3. Meh, nothing that OSU did this year looks impressive to me. They played a 3 game schedule basically and got killed by UM and really struggled with ND and Pedo. I think TCU would score on them.
  4. If KSU wins they’re probably at 6 or 7.
  5. Starts tonight? It's already up.
  6. A win will be fun. Utah, Washington…who really cares as long as we win? So many opt outs these days that it’s hard to know what team we’ll see anyway.
  7. It’s a mid level bowl game that nobody will remember a week after it’s over. Just get a 9th win.
  8. Seems like a topic that would be well covered on the recruiting board.
  9. 4th&Five


    Lars announced it on Stern this morning. The idea of doing 2 shows in each city with no repeats and different openers is pretty cool. I'm sure tix will be pricey.
  10. We won't try to stop school shootings but this we'll pass laws for.
  11. They could lose by 2 TD’s and still make the playoff.
  12. I’m sure it has nothing to do with doubling or tripling their salaries.
  13. In Austin? James McMurtry at Continental.
  14. I think he’s passed on better jobs already.
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