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  1. Belated birthday present.
  2. You voluntarily spent time at a place with multiple people wearing Trump shit?
  3. Ahh, Susie here'll teach you. Just gotta pull on the teat a little.
  4. Reminder that Scottie has somehow never won a tournament after April.
  5. I’ve always thought they should have TEXAS in both end zones.
  6. Doubt it. Twitter is a cesspool these days.
  7. This looks so chicken shit. We’d be killing aggy if it was happening there.
  8. It was made for imax, right? That’s why I skipped it. Thought it would be lame on my TV.
  9. Get a reservation for Canon. My favorite bar in the country.
  10. This would be my pick. Only 30 and great in pretty much everything.
  11. Loved the first 1/3 but thought it dragged badly at times.
  12. The surly family holiday thread on screen.
  13. he's such a sociopathic cunt that he doesn't even know how to pretend to give a fuck about another human.
  14. Go back and look at the daily high temperatures during those summers.
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