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  1. $25 tickets! Wife and I are gonna storm the field for @ztejas
  2. Good topic. My oldest will be 16 in March and we’re hoping to be able to do a night or 2 away by Summer if she stays as responsible as she is now. My parents are 20 minutes away and we have good neighbors if something comes up.
  3. Jordan's front 9: 1 Eagle, 1 Double, 2 Birdies. 1 Bogey, 4 Pars for one under Same as it ever was
  4. Wy wife had the same with our first pregnancy. She was able to have the procedure withing 12 hours of going to the ER with bleeding. Today she'd be sitting at home waiting to get sicker. It's medieval and cruel. With today's law we wouldn't have tried to get pregnant in Texas.
  5. Probably my favorite movie of the year.
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