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  1. It looks like the new necks are nitro finished. According to specs I’m seeing online, the older ones had a reliced glossy neck? I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen on another Fender. That seems weird. Do you remember if that was the case, Deej? Hope they’re the same profile. Also, just an observation, but it comes with a vintage style six saddle bridge like Strummer’s ‘66 Tele had. This had to have been a modification he had done as the six saddle bridge didn’t appear until 74-75.
  2. Not sure how true this is, but my nephew who is a senior at a different San Antonio HS sent me this tweet. This is the story going around.
  3. https://slate.com/technology/2011/05/apocalypse-2011-what-happens-to-a-doomsday-cult-when-the-world-doesn-t-end.html
  4. Depends. Do you consider taking the boot off your illegally parked car gangsta?
  5. Here’s another vote for the SVT Classic and 8x10 cab. There’s nothing like the feel of a P-bass going through 300 watts of tubes. I still have my first generation blue line SVT rig that I bought back in the late 90s. Don’t know if I’ll ever play it out again but can’t bring myself to sell it. It is my holy grail of bass amps.
  6. https://www.tmz.com/2022/08/05/anne-heche-crashes-car-home-burned-fire/ TMZ has updated their story with a doorbell video that shows her speeding through the neighborhood. You can hear the crash shortly after she’s out of frame. They also have the photo showing the bottle in her console.
  7. Like Science Denier, I was curious to see a comparison to last year’s list. Dug up these screenshots from one of Texifornia’s posts in the 2022 thread.
  8. About to see Kendrick Lamar at Moody Center. First time here in the new venue. Heading over to Hotel Vegas afterwards to see Holy Wave.
  9. Tower Records. I was at this. Roky was signing copies of Openers II.
  10. Before it was Metro, I believe it was Insomnia which was also open 24 hours. I lived at the Woo 94-95 and spent a lot of late nights at Insomnia. The kid who played Hirschfelder in Dazed and Confused worked there.
  11. I posted this one back when I got it about 6-7 years ago, but here’s the Mini Strat in our house. It’s a 2005 Fender Stratocaster Junior. Made in Mexico out of standard Fender hardware and electronics, but smaller body and 22.75” neck, same dimensions as the Squier Mini. Fender made these for a couple years and then discontinued them. This is my daughter’s guitar.
  12. The pool party is usually held at an apartment complex, but that’s not the issue. The issue is that aggy corches scheduled some of these recruits’ trips as official visits, which means that the school was going to pay for travel expenses, meals and hotel rooms for the weekend. They had to contact recruits today and let them know that they now had to pay their own way to get to aggieland and attend the glorious pool party. Some of those recruits are now likely to cancel their trips. One of them just got crystal balled to Kentucky shortly after being informed of the mistake.
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