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  1. The shot that iced the game.
  2. This also marks the end of Marv Albert's NBA broadcasting career.
  3. And PJ with the likely dagger to get to his first NBA finals.
  4. Trae wasn't in any kind of game shape today. Jrue dominated on defense the entire game and has kept things from going off the rails late.
  5. Reddish has picked a good time to have a career game.
  6. Sun hasn't set on Atlanta yet.
  7. Ugly game, feels like a game 7.
  8. Posted this in an older Oilers thread but this is absolutely great article from ESPN about the team. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/31003656/luv-ya-blue-houston-oilers-bum-phillips-earl-campbell
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