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  1. My son is friends with Sweat via several common friends. He would tell you that Sweat’s rise is absolutely incredible given where he started at Texas, in maturity and development. It really is an amazing story.
  2. this could be the beginning of a move by the Adelson family to fund a Presidential campaign by Cuban in 2028.
  3. Oh shit, I just realized 15 of my ex-bosses must post on this thread.
  4. Is PK still in play for USC DC?
  5. So is there no longer a way to watch the mavericks in Austin on U-verse? It’s blacked out again.
  6. Oh man! I just came up with a scenario that is great for Texas and also really likely to happen! I’m sure it hasn’t been discussed yet. Not really.
  7. Talk about not owning up to your own mistake and bullshit. This is the classic example of being totally owned by JimmyJazz and you still refuse to admit it. You don't like what's posted? Use the ignore button.
  8. Thatguy in post 7987 gave a good example of why Ewers is better than he appears. Of course it was ignored. As to the hyperbolic, exaggerated statements that “everyone” is calling Ewers a Longhorn Legend, guaranteed NFL success, etc, that is a mischaracterization of most posters viewpoints and is a disingenuous attempt to start more fights and whine. In my read of this thread and of people’s views of Ewers in general, most people agree he hasn’t looked like one of the top rated QB’s in ratings history. He is not a guaranteed success in the NFL, but scouts do see enough in the arm and decision making to draft him pretty high. He has made a lot of good throws, and he definitely is running plays that require a lot from the QB. The patterns, the distance of throws, the progression of reads, etc. He is a major reason why this offense scores. He is also only a sophomore (reclassified). If you look at other sophomore college QB’s they will be inconsistent too. Most ncaa leaders are juniors or older. Also, in this offense the running game is key, so he will never put up crazy stats. It’s a bit like Troy Aikman, whose stats were pedestrian. Under the logic being applied in this thread, Aikman sucked. He couldn’t run, had weak stats, etc. Overall, given his rating coming into Texas he’s underachieved so far, but not by a large amount. He’s just developing. It’s also why he’s probably coming back, when originally he was going to go. I’m thankful we have Ewers. I’d take him over most other sophomore QB’s out there.
  9. It’s been 24 hours since I posted my rant about this thread, and the same stupid shit is still being posted over and over. Pages of this crap. Today I realized a huge chunk of surly has the logic skills of my five year nephew.
  10. The OU offense this year was very surprising. They put big points on the board in multiple games. How much of that was due to the scheme vs Lebby being a good OC?
  11. Hey I think this guy quoted me some new gutters awhile back. He was wearing overalls though.
  12. This thread is driving me insane. The whole situation is not that complicated. And yet, I’ll see posters post stupid shit like a one loss Georgia will pass conference champ Texas. That’s the dumbest viewpoint out there. And then I’ll see a poster make a rationale correct view on Oregon, for example, (will most likely be ahead of Texas but we could pass them if Bama gets in). I’ll start to think, “okay, this poster gets it”. And then the same poster will say something stupid like Ohio St will finish ahead of Texas. It’s maddening. The ONLY really debatable scenario is whether Bama gets in and Texas doesn’t. And then, someone drops in and says the obvious, an FSU loss is the best path. No shit Einstein.
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