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  1. I can put 8 popular beer cans into paper bags, and not one of you will be able to pick out which one is your supposed favorite.
  2. I love that Dallas put up the 1sr round pick and players to make a big trade. It needed to happen to have any shot at keeping Luka. I’m very disappointed it’s Irving. I wish he could have found another big player instead.
  3. For Monte Carlo simulations there’s a site called portfolio visualizer that’s pretty good. Allows you to run sequence of returns risks too. It’s a little intimidating of a site, but good.
  4. The person who deserves the most credit for how the Horns are playing lately is me. I’ve stopped watching games, due to a combination of being convinced I’m bringing bad juju, and depression over Beard getting fired. You’re welcome.
  5. I don’t know for sure, but I’m guessing it’s because we don’t want them shooting down what we have flying over them.
  6. The publicly stated reason for not shooting down the balloon is just a cover story. Don’t believe it.
  7. Don’t understand how the OU class is ranked so high.
  8. Yes he is a piece of shit and a liar as I said at the beginning, but your statement that it was thoroughly investigated with nothing found are laughable in its naïveté. It’s amazing to see so many people plug their ears and shut their eyes because they can’t fathom that sports maybe don’t have the level of integrity they thought. Newsflash. The world is corrupt.
  9. So many posters here aggressively arguing that systemic rigging is impossible. I get it. It seems unfathomable. But the NBA scandal shined a light on how it all works. There isn’t some Illuminati committee in a league office plotting out moves. Of course that is very unlikely and silly. What happens are tiny little decisions and moves that all add up to pushing results a certain direction. For example, Donaghy talked about the fact that the refs who demonstrated a record for calling a game in a way so that the “right” team won would get more playoff assignments. So Stern doesn’t go tell a ref to throw the game. He lines up a crew that gets more pay, more assignments, and more notoriety in exchange for making those tiny little calls that help push a result in a certain direction. This is just one example of the many ways it’s rigged. And then there is the organized crime systemic rigging, which is probably a much bigger game.
  10. And it’s one of my favorites emails I’ve ever read.
  11. The following post was: Written by: Dbeasy Directed by: Dbeasy Produced by: Dbeasy Cinematography by: Dbeasy Key Grip: Dbeasy Stunts by: Dbeasy I’m okay with credits at the beginning.
  12. Burry sees it way too early and has to hold on for dear life. His Tesla bet is starting to pay off.
  13. Well that’s a consensus to sell. Everyone knows that Cramer sucks so bad that if you do the opposite of his advice you win.
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