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  1. An amazing amount of hand-wringing over the starting QB.
  2. Because when you get old you realize that the naive and idealistic view of the world that you’d held your entire life was completely and utterly wrong.
  3. I actually think it will be neither. It will be a plain vanilla season full of the usual bed shitting against OU and Alabama, with wins against the lesser teams, and a few games lost where we were never really in it, leaving us all melancholy and bored. There will be neither excitement or depression, just indifference. Merry Christmas!
  4. I was born in Ohio State University hospital. My dad was on the faculty and was friends with Woody Hayes. I can confirm Ohioans are psychos…who also love football.
  5. Scattershooting while wondering whatever happened to Ron McKelvey. Regarding an earlier poster’s comment that it will be funny seeing the defense be better, that would be wrong. It would be glorious and I’d weep openly with joy. I am skeptical of Watts being very successful. It’s bizarre hearing about so many QB int’s at the scrimmage, but I think both will play pretty well. Not great but hopefully better than any QB last year. Don’t put Thompson back to return kicks. We need WR depth. Can’t afford an injury. For years we’ve had a roster with little talent, as demonstrated by NFL draft results. This team has a lot of potential talent, and in the end better talent wins. I think the team will be better than many are estimating, but not great because they are too young. 8-4. Hutson was my sleeper of this class and he’s already showing promise. He just seemed like a player. Slow down on Burke. He’s two years away from meaningful impact imo. Hope I’m wrong because we need talent there. Success or massive failure this season will be determined by whether one of our QB’s gets their act together because the protection will be better than last year.
  6. The QB plan has been decided: 1st down - Card 2nd down - Murphy 3rd down - Ewers I hope you’re all happy.
  7. OL protection was often crap last year. Many great QB’s don’t look great with poor protection. They get rattled. Card definitely got rattled last year.
  8. Well I see that Peak Surly has already jumped off the Ewers bandwagon after ONE SCRIMMAGE AND AN ANONYMOUS MESSAGE BOARD POST.
  9. Campbell was not going to OU with or without Riley. Stop being even glummer than your reputation on this site.
  10. Sark really should have gotten a receiver from the portal that wasn’t going to tear his ACL. Clearly a coaching error.
  11. If that’s what it takes I’m willing to turn him into one.
  12. I could create a shit storm in this thread by making a provocative comment like “artificial turf causes more serious injuries than well manicured grass fields. “ But I’m not going to do that.
  13. Card showed no feel for the pocket last year and panicked often. I’m skeptical that he improves that much this year. On a separate topic I suddenly have an idea to create a tackling dummy infused with Artificial Intelligence.
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