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  1. The old me right now would be bursting with joy at the thought of @balcones hearing the news of Pierce’s firing. The new me also feels this way.
  2. DT is now officially effing with our plans to be a perennial top 5 program. They need to figure this shit out.
  3. It’s also hilarious that, while it would be highly unusual for it to happen, there are posters making definitive statements that it won’t happen and admonishing others over it. Hilariousssss
  4. Like any coaching search, there is a sequence of events that must happen. First the existing coach has to get relieved. Then the coach being hired needs to agree to terms. If that doesn’t happen, then choice number two is up. There are a lot of new posters in this thread arguing over formalities that are realities.
  5. FWIW, I focused heavily on glycemic index for a few years but found thru measurements that blood sugars did not fully align with the glycemic index. Some low GI foods would produce high sugars and vice versa. Over time I just figured out which foods produced the worst results and tried to moderate those.
  6. Not that I disagree with you, but it would be interesting to see the math on that.
  7. Stating the obvious. QB projection is always difficult for the average fan because the most important characteristic of a QB is performance under pressure. There are countless QB’s in history who threw a great football but when faced with 300 lb linemen in their faces, they made terrible decisions. That’s why guys like Colt McCoy ended up being far more productive QB’s than guys with better arms. Performance under pressure is everything. Dallas Cowboy fans know this all too well. Hi Dak.
  8. I want to thank all of you tax payers for paying for my wedding. I got married in Bergstrom AFB in the church, and had the rehearsal dinner and reception in the officers club. Total rental cost to me? $0. Total wedding cost? $2,400 including dress, and we pocketed $600 from the inlaws because we stayed under $3,000. Best deal I’ve ever done.
  9. This Surly account has to be a bit. What bit? The guy who's wrong 100% of the time, like clockwork.
  10. Saw a clip from the Klatt interview discussing working for Saban and Carroll. I really like how he’s learning. I’ve always felt that the best person to hire is the one who is always learning and adjusting. I think Texas has that with this guy. Im very gruntled.
  11. Where would we be if Oliver Lock would have been hired instead of Patterson. No Strong. No Shaka. No Pierce. Ugh.
  12. Oh then she is well-prepared. The only issue I found with the dietitians that used my software is that they tended to rely on standard usda diet guidelines for diabetics, and the amount of carbs in that diet is pretty high. I found much better success and ability to manage at a bit lower carb levels.
  13. Dbeasy

    The Border

    Because the 53% are all citizens.
  14. Yes glycemic index does complicate things a bit. There are some rices that are better than others. Also, when looking at package labels always look at serving sizes. Sometimes manufacturers play games with that to confuse the consumer. I sometimes quickly calculate carbs/calorie when comparing two similar choices. And as a follow on to other comments, for sure the desserts and sugary foods are a top priority as compared to juice. I just found that by taking on the mindset of dropping most/all sugary drinks from my diet that over about a year or two I was able to easily drop all sugary drinks from my diet completely. I don’t even want that any more. At all. It’s a way to have a massive straightforward impact with less carb counting pressure. I drink water, unsweetened ice tea, and a few alcoholic beverages (a cheat) a week as my drinks.
  15. Fruit smoothies have a lot of sugar. Fruits do have some fiber which helps. Most people don’t completely drop sugary drinks, but the reason I have such a radical viewpoint on it is because a diabetic burns out their beta cells over time. Once that happens you need insulin. Today beta cells can’t be regrown. There is research to do it but it’s a long way off. The better you do controlling carbs, the longer your beta cells survive, the longer you go without insulin. The Mediterranean diet is the best diet for a diabetic. Most dietitians recommend Mediterranean as well but I wouldn’t eat quite as much carbs as the diet suggests. Limit breads, tortillas, starchy things like rice, potatoes and pasta. I’ve got 25 years not only as a diabetic but also started and ran a software company that provided diet software for diabetics and others
  16. Number 1 diet advice. Stop drinking any drinks forever that have sugar. Except maybe a few alcoholic drinks on occasion. No cokes. No juice. No lemonade. This alone will have greater benefits than anything else she does.
  17. Two 3 stars with track speed. Seems like Sark/Nans wants more speed on the field on D.
  18. If he doesn’t get his act together we could declare a fatwa and be done with him. I rarely recommend that as a solution, but he’s progressively getting more lame.
  19. The grill and the cheek kisses were dead giveaways that he’s a tone deaf moron.
  20. He totally supported keeping Pierce and now he’s trying to hide behind bs “standard” and “data”. Now he’s flipped. It happens.
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