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  1. Sigh, my high school continues to struggle.
  2. What’s the latest neg level to ban someone. I may just do it myself.
  3. Why are you referring to something over and over so many years ago. He’s had significant personal changes since then. And why is your posting style like a 12 year old junior high student?
  4. Would you say the talent on Washington compared to last year is the same, better, or a lot better? I assume it can’t be worse.
  5. Uh no. NIL dollars are being thrown at many players Texas wants around.
  6. Someone needs to comfort this FSU fan. She was doing her best on the ESPN broadcast to shill for her husband.
  7. I think this year has finally broken them all. They sound even more manic than usual, which is saying something.
  8. Well it’s a damn good thing our CB’s line up 9 yards off the line of scrimmage.
  9. The last time I traveled on a bus with friends to New Orleans I needed up sleeping up in the upper luggage racks above the seats with a massive hangover.
  10. When I go back through my thoughts and predictions, I had this scenario almost right with one major exception. I predicted undefeated FSU could potentially be out, but with a low probability. That’s because I kept thinking the committee would have Bama passing Texas because of SEC bias, even though it didn’t make sense. I felt Texas vs FSU for the last spot would be iffy. I figured they would struggle to put Texas in over FSU. But once I realized that Texas looked so dominant against OSU that they would easily stay ahead of Bama, it was obvious that Bama would win out over FSU after how bad FSU looked last night. In other words, that terrific performance yesterday by Texas might have been what cemented Texas into the 3rd spot and thus the playoff, keeping committee bias from screwing Texas over. Cheers Sark.
  11. This is why I kept saying Bama winning was good for us, and why I called everyone an idiot for saying Georgia would be in.
  12. Sark may have been less than candid about Zay’s health so that the committee would not weigh that.
  13. I know everyone wants Michigan instead of Washington, but not me. Michigan's defensive front is scary good and will create havoc. Washington is good and well-coached, but I think vulnerable. They barely beat an over-rated Oregon team and the Pac10 looked great early in the year but as the season progressed seems over-rated. Texas can beat Washington.
  14. It’s interesting because 24 hours ago she was on tv arguing that the early Texas win over Bama mattered less because it was early in the season. But what’s even weirder, two days earlier she quoted the committee chairman as saying head to head is important regardless of the timing. So it’s almost like she wanted to tote her own view, but then got a talking to by someone to quit doing that.
  15. Man, just waking up from a nightmare last night, having to watch Louisville.
  16. The committee has to talk about the fact Alabama was one Hugh Freeze brain fart from a loss to lowly Auburn, late in the season.
  17. He’s one of the worst experienced QB’s I’ve seen in a long time.
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