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  1. Yeah @Reagan1k I wanna know how the 2nd interview went too.
  2. This is a pretty good shot of it. Ferraro is in the box between the benches. Perry is at that end of the TB bench. Perry is bitching at the refs to call the too many men looking at the logjam of guys coming off. Ferraro reported from the ice that Perry was hollering for it.
  3. Well, once in a blue moon he has a story on the wives thread. The 40k bathroom? It's been a while.
  4. TB scored in a similar fashion in last year's playoffs, too. He's just a little bitch who can't fathom his team is gonna lose the Cup. Producer Drew is a known Avs homer, but he's not wrong. I'm glad Cooper lives to love the game. The game has loved him right back. Pushing the cap, getting non calls at the right time. You don't have a Stanley cup without some luck.
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