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  1. If this means that since I already subscribe to Showtime and can get Paramount for nothing sounds great.
  2. That's the question. Would he be willing to go to a team that's trying to tank? Hey, if Nill can off load him and get a return then mo power to him. A man can dream.
  3. If you’re Stars general manager Jim Nill, and by extension, team owner Tom Gaglardi, you can’t really do anything now. You signed the deal—yes, Gaglardi plays an active role in these decisions—and you have to live with it. The full no-movement clause makes the situation even more prickly, although who would really trade for Suter now, anyway? https://www.dmagazine.com/sports/2022/12/dallas-stars-ryan-suter/ That's just depressing. I have sports queasy now.
  4. I don't know if Suter is willing to be traded. He has a no move clause so he can't be sent down either. Two years left after this one. We're probably stuck with him. https://www.capfriendly.com/players/ryan-suter
  5. You have shame? Really? Bwahaha! Yeah that set off the bullshit meter. Fuck your feelings
  6. It's absolutely believable that she would wear a mask. Today or any other day. There's no limit to the shameless hypocrisy. It's worth being wrong on the date to point it out again that she is willing to follow the rules she rails against. Is it the same thing as finding out of date pix and republishing them to get a response from the other side? Yes, and it's called playing the same game. I don't see any claim in the tweet that it's a current pic. If that's assumed well hey that's fine. Play some hardball.
  7. So, it is her just not a recent pic. Was she pro mask in 2021? Remind me.
  8. It's a fucking mess in Denton. Glad I stocked up yesterday.
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