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  1. Comments are good - he's an aggy grad, so says his Twitter bio.
  2. And this dumb fuck complained endless about Kaepernick being unpatriotic. Where’s monkeypox when you need it.
  3. Does it matter? Half of Surly could look capable against the non-existent pressure Texas’ D brings and WRs with good hands.
  4. Well, he did. Path Between The Seas is one of my favorite books ever. It’s storytelling is otherworldly great.
  5. Sark values a QB who can move, throw accurately and avoid pressure. Card exemplifies none of those things. No chance he starts.
  6. I was told Biden gave China Hunter as a quid pro pro. That’s some contorting.
  7. This is such a stupid controversy. Newt went. Trump’s HHS went in 2020.
  8. I cried from laughing in POTUS. It’s about a perfect farce.
  9. How is it? Need a new pre-theater spot for our upcoming trip and that’s a perfect location.
  10. Into the Woods extended so I got tickets for our Sept/Oct weekend visit. A 4 show visit - Funny Girl (again, wife wants to see Michelle), ITW, Death of a Salesman and the closing of Come From Away. Hey @PenelopeWitherspoon we might go to dinner at Heidelberg that's not too terribly far from your place if you want to join us.
  11. That's what I get for posting wayyyyy past my bedtime.
  12. Re: electricity IIRC they ran an extension chord through one of the portals
  13. Isn’t that the chef that slapped back at Anthony Bordain?
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