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  1. Success means coaches leave. Good luck coach! Thanks for all the work to help rebuild the program.
  2. One concern is Washington will run blitz the fuck out of Texas and they have the personnel to execute it well. IIRC Sark has struggled scheming against run blitzes. On the flip side Washington is not good when the defense can get pressure to Penix. Arizona State of all teams held them to 15 points because they got pressure on him and they struggled to move the ball.
  3. There is a statue of Vladimir Lenin in Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood. It’s random and fun.
  4. Daniel’s had one of the more impressive individual performances this seasons in history. It has to be him.
  5. Why put Michigan over Washington? Does a win over Ohio State trump beating Oregon twice? The PAC was stronger too to bottlom than the big 10 this year.
  6. Should be: Washington, Michigan, Texas, Alabama Will be: Washington, Michigan, Alabama, Florida State
  7. They are not scoring an offensive TD. They have to force a strip sack and hope they can return it for a defensive Td. That’s the onky chance of scoring one.
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