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  1. Who the fuck are you? Got here a little over 2 hours ago. Straight to the DT Ukraine War thread. Your time here might be short.
  2. What the hell happened? Goddamn Iowa. You were right fucking there
  3. The best I can say is that the committee is watching this bullshit too.
  4. I love the safety green blackout sweaters. We're working here. Move your ass.
  5. Holy shit Iowa might score too before this game does. Edit: a fucking TD. Damn sure did Bob
  6. But what if you could do two plays at a time coach? You could score even faster!
  7. 8-1? DAMN Well good. I was a little busy with other things
  8. Yormark getting booed is great Fuck you buddy. You made this bed
  9. Hey man you're a legacy guy. I'd hate to have to go visit you in Purgatorio. Do better
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