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  1. Because we were hoping Brooks would flip out on him for taking so goddamn long.
  2. Sudden Branch Drop Syndrome I got a call last week about it. Not a whole helluva lot you can do except maybe reduce the weight on the ends of the branches by trimming. "While there isn’t really a way to prevent this syndrome altogether, since it’s not known how it happens, here’s what you should do if you start to have issues with your trees." https://www.arboristnow.com/news/what-is-sudden-branch-drop-syndrome
  3. Anybody else go find the soundtrack for the episodes? I didn't know about Jim Ford. I didn't know about Lee Hazlewood. I damn sure never heard Cleveland Summer Nights. I did not expect a TV show to expand my song list or musical awareness so dramatically.
  4. No, it was CGI'd. Brownie being an antisocial shitass. Sterlin talks about not explaining anything. I think it's in that Atlantic article. "We aren't explaining shit" It's up to the viewer to go find what they can about little people, tall man, deer lady, why owls are taboo and other stuff they take for granted.
  5. Yes, the kids averted their eyes on the first visit to Brownie too. There's another appearance of an owl in Ep 2
  6. Carry on my wayward son There will be peace when you are done
  7. One more day "The setup of the show is simple: Four kids living on an Oklahoma reservation commit petty crimes to bankroll an escape to California. They’re motivated by the death of their friend Daniel, which happened the year before the series opens. Bear, Elora, Cheese, and Willie Jack have been friends all their life—more than friends, actually. They are unofficial siblings and cousins, and Daniel was family to them, too. His absence drives the first season. Reservation Dogs is an ensemble comedy, full of mischief and warmth, but it’s also a powerful portrait of unresolved grief." https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2022/09/reservation-dogs-fx-sterlin-harjo-native-american/670603/
  8. Rest well. Another legend passes
  9. I haven't made myself watch "Come and See" yet. There's a repeat performance happening in real time.
  10. Checked his page to see the last time he was here. It's fairly recent. Before he went to laying low he posted in the mental health thread. He could probably use a few syllables said in his favor and whatever good vibes you can muster up.
  11. I'll take low energy Jamie Benn talking about the relative merits of various stick tapes over that sunshine pumping infomercial.
  12. Absolutely despise the state of the Cowboys time waste. Get this bullshit over
  13. (R): Do you understand… there was an offensive here two days ago, 752 were attacking the ukrops and 25 people died. 25. 25 f*cking guys have died. Simply, 25 have died, all “200” *dead*. It’s a complete slaughter. Total a*s. What they are telling you on the TV, don’t believe it, don’t. It’s a complete a*s here. A f*ckload of dead, a f*ckload of f*cked up tanks, it’s a f*cking a*ss. I’m telling you seriously. https://wartranslated.com/intercepted-call-from-the-1st-platoon-im-alone-left/
  14. I have thought about your watering hours at least half a dozen times today. Here's my game plan. Run it the full 2 hours. Watch the system run if you haven't already. Limit the zones that are marginally effective. Shrubs can be watered with a hose even under some strict regulations. It's easy to figure out your current run time. Adjust accordingly. I'd be interested to learn what it is.
  15. Those hours are insane. I water one day a week voluntarily. Soak the hell out of it after the weekly mow and it's fine. There are a lot of people that skirt the rules though.
  16. Shipped plugs are dry as toast. Would not recommend. Piece of sod placed on chunk of scrap lumber and cut to size with a machete is a better option.
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