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  1. "They have fans?" and multiple ????? for the Jags got me
  2. I wanna know why OP thought he was going to be neg bombed for posting an American success story. Fucking weirdo
  3. ACC! ACC! ACC! Clemson had a helluva team, but it doesn't look the same from the beginning of the year with injuries
  4. Let's flesh this out. I'm not rich enough for Spain or Italy. Was always planning on Mexico, so what's the Mexico version on the Mediterranean?
  5. *Reportedly the athletic departments set to receive the investment are: Wake Forest, Georgia Tech, Pitt, Virginia Tech, Minnesota, Iowa State, and San Diego State.
  6. Prosecution's final questioning of Costello was to hammer home that he never represented Cohen
  7. I mean, there kind of is a way of knowing. You're going to tell me that many Donald supporters showed up in support of him, and for the first time ever, not a single one of those wackos is sporting a red hat or Trump flag?
  8. Tens of people would attend. The little league game down the street would have a larger attendance.
  9. A little bit more Costello, then adjourned until next week for closing arguments
  10. Was just thinking NCAA 14 looked better than this goofy Madden college game
  11. Was going to neg this post until the "Team Detroit Style. And fuck the Cards" portion. You live to see another day, my friend Fucking moron gumps
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