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  1. "Their windmills are causing whales to die in numbers never seen before" Seriously what the fuck? Imagine Biden saying something half that crazy
  2. Very innovative play calling Bengals
  3. Fucking throw to only Higgins or Chase
  4. Where do you live? Ohio Ah fuck, I'm sorry man, you at least live on the lake in Cleveland? No, Cincinnati *awkward silence* I hear the chili is good?
  5. Find Kendrick, he sucks cox n dix
  6. Man Jamarr Chase really is awesome.... And on the other side, no wonder Cincy never runs, the woman beater sucks
  7. Burrows is trash, is he an Ohio State qb?
  8. Fuck you zebras in the cincy game, both had hands all over each other
  9. God damn Doc, you're so smart and sexy
  10. His hand was underneath it.....right? Right?!?!
  11. Holy shit the Bungels needed that
  12. Lulz what is wrong with the Bengals?
  13. Ahhh fuck it, I want to try that garbage Skyline Chili. Let's get weird
  14. Fully animated Toy Story themed broadcast of the Jags and Falcons in London?
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