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  1. I found this on wikipedia. I'm getting the sense that he was a bad bad dude, but the "Lord of War" persona might be a bit overstated, including for Hollywood purposes. Bout was convicted by a jury at a federal court in Manhattan on 2 November 2011.[14] On 5 April 2012, he was sentenced to 25 years in prison, the minimum sentence for conspiring to sell weapons to a U.S.-designated foreign terrorist group.[79][80] US District Court Judge Shira Scheindlin ruled that the minimum sentence was appropriate because "there was no evidence that Bout would have committed the crimes for which he was convicted had it not been for the sting operation".[79]
  2. Arms don't kill people, people kill people. [/sarcasm]
  3. I think there is room for legitimate debate about the terms, but 95% of the critics are just mad about who she is and her public stances on social justice, and 99% of that comes from trump supporters. The critics in this thread are almost universally the latter.
  4. This is like a transcript of how a 14-year old with an abusive public figure for a father would respond. I truly hope she can stay out of the spotlight, but her father is a piece of shit and this is very relevant to his position as an outspoken U.S. Senator who regularly attacks others. She should realize that the reports are about him, and not her, but you know dear 'ol dad is telling her that it's the "librul media" attacking her, and she's 14, so doesn't quite understand how truly terrible her father is and has been to others in similar positions.
  5. No, NFL Defensive Player of the Year Micah Parsons.
  6. Lol, but Griner totally deserved it for some vape residue and he's a hero!
  7. He still referred to Whelan as a "Retired Marine Paul Whelan" not "Dishonorably Discharged Ex-Marine Paul Whelan." He's still a fucking beast on the field and that's all I really care about.
  8. I literally give zero shits. Whatever poor bastard Houston is throwing out there at QB might die this weekend.
  9. Yes, it was stupid, and also sounds like a mistake, leaving the vape in her luggage after a prior trip and forgetting about it when she packed for Russia (even if she tried to sneak it in, the punishment is still unjust). Have you hateful types ever acknowledged that Whelan was a scumbag who was dishonorably discharged for tried to defraud the Army and was fucking around way worse when he found out? Or are you still going with "Ex-Marine Patriot" to support your hate?
  10. I'm pretty sure the calculus would be different if he had served 1 year instead of 14. Also, for all the terribleness of his crimes, how did he only get 25 years? And if it was terrorist related why was he in prison and not at Guantanamo or something?
  11. How about the prior administrations exchange for Trevor Reed? Why didn't they demand Whelan too? I'm sure you're just furious about that one too.
  12. I also love how the usual crowd continue on about what a bad person Griner is, usually more about kneeling for the anthem and less about domestic stuff, and crowing about Whelan, whose personal character is, lets say, somewhat questionable. n It was during his final tour in Iraq that Whelan was charged with larceny after trying to steal $10,000 and bouncing about $6,000 in checks, according to the Washington Post. He also used another person's Social Security number in trying to advance his own rank and pay. He was court-martialed and discharged for bad conduct in 2008. https://www.freep.com/story/news/local/michigan/2019/01/07/paul-whelan-michigan-spy-russia/2496053002/
  13. Don't worry y'all, he's tracking all the "blood" tied to this deal. I'm sure he's doing the same for all the prior exchanges we've done over the last several decades. He just cares that much about national security.
  14. We have 12 in the portal, about 4 of whom were real contributors. One of them, RB Richardson, was about to be passed up by Ollie Gordon, who said he's returning. The biggest losses are Sanders obviously, Mason Cobb, and Trace Ford. I think we'll be fine, we're already working the portal for replacements.
  15. They turned it down because they think (or say) that Whelan was involved in espionage or some shit. They aren't handing him over. Whelans family essentially said today that we tried and the Russians won't do any exchange for him.
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