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  1. He's been that his entire presidency, and was the same person for decades before, and yet it doesn't matter, the polls are still inextricably tied. If there truly are people who plan to vote but are so disengaged that they haven't seen this guy act like a toddler day in and day out, they sure as fuck aren't tuning into debates or seeing any of the post-debate reports. I just can't get over the fact that the polls are tied. Yeah, I know they're not reliable, but even bad polling should show people understanding that the guy has zero substance whatsoever, and it should have sunk him years ago with his own party. And yet, he's up on that fucking stage, and 99.9% of people with an R by their name just nod along and support him, because they're voters like who he is and how he acts. Again, this is why I probably won't watch, it'll just be a spiral of depression.
  2. Or consumed $25 of Taco Bell and a case of Pabst Blue Ribbon in a single evening.
  3. Another thought that comes to mind is that, if nothing else, get Trump to say candidly that he'll support Israel's total destruction of Gaza. Again, doubt it will matter since the youngs seem incapable of seeing the difference, but it's at least something.
  4. I'm not seeing anything that can happen that would sway a trump voter at this point. The only thing that comes to mind is for Biden to be the bully, call him a loser at every opportunity, point out all of his failures, not just during his presidency, and point out every time he blames someone else. "It's always someone else's fault, isn't Donald." "There's the loser talk again, how about answering the question?" "Another response that's as worthless as this guy's Casino ventures that he managed to bankupt." I doubt even that would make a difference, but it's something. But then again, the press will say how unprofessional he was, and he'll lose votes.
  5. I think I read that Baron is 6'9"? Yeah, dotard ain't the dad (unless his hands are tiny, then maybe).
  6. That material has been playing nonstop through multiple mediums and half the country still says they're going to vote for him. These people cannot be swayed. They are more than happy to see democracy die in exchange for lib tears. We truly are a country of deplorables.
  7. Damn, didn't realize it was this early. I figured don would have backed out by now if its this week. I don't think I can watch, seeing that fat fucking moron ramble knowing that half the fucking country thinks he's great sinks me into a depression spiral. I'll seek out clips after the fact in hopes they are of Biden shutting his shit down.
  8. I don't think "territory" matters anymore, it's solely about TV ratings since live sports is one of the only areas left where viewers can't avoid commercials (other than taking a piss same as it always was). It's why I think FSU and Clemson are about the only ACC teams that bring value to the SEC. What does territory in North Carolina and Virgina matter? The TV ratings just aren't that high.
  9. It seems to me that Big 10 has value because of population and to some extent academics, SEC has value because of product and eyeballs. UNC and UVA just feel like Big 10 fits way more than SEC. Mediocre football at best. After FSU and Clemson I just don’t see who adds value to the SEC. Maybe Miami because of the helmet? They just haven’t been good for a long long time. Who knows anymore. I just want to get to the finals of this carousel.
  10. The report is just to make it look like he’s going through the process. The rich guy has already bought the position. Trump is broke and pathetic.
  11. I guess they’re just happy collecting that sweet sec cashola. Vegetables is gonna get crushed in secsecsec.
  12. Lol, awesome. I seriously thought he’d be canned next year. Have fun sooners
  13. In a normal world, having him rant on why he should have complete immunity to commit all crimes would be helpful closer to the election to prove how utterly incompetent he is for the job, but 80 million people will just nod along and go to the polls for him, so it won't make a shit.
  14. Remember, the red hats think that was when America was great and that we should go back.
  15. Sure, why not. If you can strap a nuclear warhead to your back, it's your fucking right, go for it.
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