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  1. This is still one of the funniest scenes from anything I’ve seen in recent years. http://youtu.be/4znNeKylrAE
  2. They need to be educated about the non-threatening nature of a flaccid penis, as explained by the great Butters Stotch.
  3. This firm updates this ad every year for Super Lawyers. I’ve been tempted to see if they’re hiring.
  4. It was before my time, but I sometimes wonder if the Big 12 had formed a decade earlier, if it could have included Arkansas instead of Baylor.
  5. Which is why I think the Pac-16 deal made the most sense. The BIG and SEC would then raid and kill the ACC (this was before the 2036 deal) and you have three large conferences without much disparity in revenues. The PAC with USC, UW, UO, UT, and OU, that's plenty of interest for TV.
  6. With the explosion in media revenues based on ratings, I don't think anything could have prevented blueblood consolidation. I think the next round will be expelling the "leaches" from the BIG and SEC, or implementing uneven revenues. When the difference is $40-50M a year, nothing is going to stop it from happening.
  7. I disagree. The creativity is for the benefit of the non-bluebloods, which all of us will be after next year. OU, UT, NU, and probably even aggy as of 1996, didn't need it, and wouldn't be super excited for stuff like that. Pro day in particular, the bluebloods want the focus on them and their dozens of legitimate prospects. Throwing in a few prospects from OSU and Tech would be considered a distraction. And the ratings disparity would still exist, bluebloods have a century of history dominating their markets, nothing would bring Baylor or ISU to that level.
  8. Has anyone ever seen him and Klavikoff in the same room together? I think they might be the same person.
  9. My wife uses Alexa for an alarm clock. When we say “Alexa stop” she tells us the time and weather. I wonder if Feldman ever got paid for his brilliant idea or if Bezos just stole it.
  10. ESPN+ plays the same commercial every break, a girl does the Say Anything boom box scene but with pizza for (presumably) her girlfriend (nttawwt) which in and of itself is fine but every goddamned break is annoying, like any commercial.
  11. The thought of JLD riding me (she said he could just lie there) gets me hard to this day.
  12. My kids haven't asked much about it, but I'll probably say something similar. Before COVID I started attending a Unitarian church from time to time because I kind of miss some of the ceremonial stuff from my Catholic upbringing. Might start going again soon, I like their approach, including that they have a "Humanitarian Hour" on Sunday mornings that is pretty transparent as an appeal to atheist's and agnostics. I enjoy reading about religion from a historical perspective, but it always astonishes me that to this day that more than half the world's population believes the stories as literal or enough so to dedicate their lives to them, makes no sense whatsoever.
  13. Literally anybody who is testifying? If its a grand jury proceedings only prosecution witnesses testify, so anyone entering the courthouse for the proceeding will be to testify against the fat orange fuck and a target of every q and gravy seal fuckstick who shows up. Trump almost certainly doesn't know anything about how the system works but someone probably told him it was a grand jury and the common thought that grand juries can indict a ham sandwich. I've heard that phrase more with respect to federal courts since they are more selective in the cases they pursue but probably applies here too since the evidence of his wrongs have been pretty overwhelming.
  14. No, it's only Christianity. In Oklahoma, the governor wants vouchers to take money from public schools to give to private schools. If you honestly believe for a second he would allow it to one of the Islamic private schools, you're crazy. In fact, the new attorney general just reversed a determination from the prior attorney general that said it was okay by pointing out that the prior decision would allow public funds to all religions and that the people would not be okay if it went to a religious school which which they disagree. Thankfully, the rural representatives in the legislature have refused to pass the plan, but if it did, I can assure you it would exclude the Muslim schools, and there is a distinct possibility that SCOTUS would allow the limitation.
  15. So if all the shit he’s done, paying a porn star to juggle his tiny mushroom dick is what he’s being arrested for? Ugh, how about fucking treason with its associated punishment?
  16. As intimidating as the Gravy Seals.
  17. Shultz to the Texans? Can he turn it down and return for less money? I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy.
  18. That might have been true when the right wing at least played by the rules of general civility. The second that fat orange fuck got 70 million votes saying the quiet parts out loud, it changed every dynamic. I don't care if you liked his tax cuts, the rest of the despicable shit he did and said out loud far overwhelms anything resembling policy, of which he also had zero. And you can't pretend its just him, or say that "well I don't really agree with his style, but..." He is the leader of the republican party, still today. He got 70 million fucking votes from republicans. He is today's republican party. You can't just disagree with some of the platform when the bad parts are overt racism, hatred, and cruel to anyone who doesn't resemble a 1950's TV commercial. Just look at the shit he's saying today. That's your guy republicans, and refusing to vote against him makes you complicit.
  19. Would be totally cool if he Epstein'd himself, either the publicized version, or the more likely version. As long as his fat corpse starts rotting asap.
  20. They’re gonna riot either way, I never thought this idea would ever seriously be in my head, but I genuinely hope someone plugs his ass. He’s beyond dangerous and needs to shut the fuck up already.
  21. 'stache


    Don't you all remember that South Park episode where Macho Man Randy Savage called himself Heather and dominated the female athletics competition? That's obviously what's going on here in real life.
  22. Not sure, he should start today. I’m sure I overreacted but I only get to watch a few games a year, and watching the one where we blow a lead on six errors, including a fucking walk-off error, was super obnoxious to open the conference season. Tech swept us last year too in Stillwater, and beat us in the super regional a few years ago, they fucking own us.
  23. Six fucking errors to blow a lead late. I fucking hate that I let myself care every fucking year. My school is built in a fucking Indian burial ground or something. We’ll never accomplish anything that matters. Yes it’s early but this is the same shit every fucking year. If we’d just held the lead and made plays then yeah I guess were looking pretty good. But nope let’s just blow it with absolute stupidity. I just can’t anymore.
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