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  1. It looked to me like he was throwing the game.
  2. Terrible play call. Better get this one right.
  3. The play calling was drastically different from first half to second. That’s on coaching. That horrific 4th down wildcat call in the 3rd Q pretty much sunk us. Run anything but that stupidity and we go down and get another TD and the game is basically over. Yes, even that early.
  4. Horrible ass play calling in the 2nd half.
  5. Thurs is a no go for me other than summers. Custody things and all.
  6. He was always super cool to me as well. But super cool people can also be real shitty at times.
  7. I don’t think they believe in themselves either.
  8. Man we are awful. Card can’t handle the slightest amount of pressure and now Casey can’t throw a remotely accurate ball. what a disaster.
  9. The fuck is the point in this thread?!?!? Fucking stupid ass shit.
  10. No, early "setback" is there Exactly what I was thinking. Bama mudholing them is the Oct crash.
  11. Ldogg53


    Card was not good with the deep ball last week either.
  12. No brakes can lead you to crashing into a wall.
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