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  1. Purdue kid is now second on the board for WR already in the portal
  2. Backburner guy is what I have heard. He is the floor of our WR search, Purdue guy is number 1 for WRs in the portal currently
  3. Green beans do suck. Unless you are talking about green bean bundles then bring em on. But you can wrap nearly anything in bacon and brown sugar and it would be edible
  4. Best friend since HS, his dad is on the BOR at aggy. As red ass and delusional as they come
  5. lol had an aggy buddy tell me this exact same thing damn near verbatim but he was dead fucking serious and couldnt understand why I was laughing
  6. Spoke with an aggy buddy of mine who stated. "Elko is getting us back to basics. No more flash and style, just substance and smashmouth football." Of course, I responded, "What exactly about Jimbo's tenure screamed flash and style." During the same conversation he mentioned that he wouldn't be surprised if Elko moved fall camp to Junction, TX like Bear Bryant...the conversation ended there as I was far too busy laughing. I have never in my life wanted anything more than to see these gomers pound their little dicks about the Junction Boys. Just tremendous content
  7. Imagine lighting 80million on fire to hire fucking Mike Elko and Colin Klien...I cannot wait for the DC hire
  8. When Casey Thompson and Hudson Card were in a QB battle in the preseason, I heard one of his teammates call him Fakey Thompson
  9. This is a rake that you didnt step on
  10. lol no they fucking arent He’s all Hat and no cattle. If it doesn’t benefit business he’s not interested Indiana just signed the JMU coach with an NIL promise. Won’t shock me if sarks extension was similarly designed but I wouldn’t have first hand knowledge of that You don’t need to be. You need to donate $22+ dollars a month and convince the rest of your friends to do the exact same thing or call them poor. The rest takes care of itself
  11. "We could use an off ball linebacker, bring him in"- Ian Boyd probably
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