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  1. "Unprecedented heights"....my dude, they went 5-6 this year, averaged 27ppg which was good enough for #57 in the nation
  2. That was fake. Barstool is a vice company (Owned by Penn Gaming) so many of those NIL deals were cancelled via compliance
  3. I think the Hunter thing may prove truly hilarious. I am sure he gave assurances to Deion all year that he will follow him wherever. Lets see if thats still the case when he hits the portal and has to turn down extreme NIL money from someone crazy, compared to the peanuts that Colorado will offer
  4. They are about to have 1 scholarship linebacker left, 1 scholarship RB and their DB room was absolutely decimated
  5. Honestly I don’t even know if that post was meant to be lecturing or snarky, just felt right
  6. Lol thanks for lecturing me on it, I certainly didn’t know that information. Appreciate you providing that to me. Now maybe if you would read what I wrote we can all be on the same page. Go look at the timing of Quinn Ewers announcement and get back to me chucklefuck
  7. Fair. Honestly not sure about that timing. I do think at least removing the early signing day for HS recruits could help however. Really there just needs to be more leeway on all this stuff. Hell Marion was out there following tulsa recruits and shit instead of spending his full focus on his current job. The whole thing is just an absolute nightmare
  8. This also shows how absolutely moronic the timing of this is. Before playoffs, bowls, signing day, and what will never ever be considered, academics. Portal should open after the end of the NCG
  9. Heard a couple weeks back he was going to hit the portal. Staff is meh on him This is still all the chaff before the wheat. These are roster churn guys, malcontents or dudes with a destination already. The real portal prizes will probably come after the semester is done, do you think a dude that’s worth a damn wants his peers calling him a mother fucker during finals because he’s in the portal? Let things play out
  10. Think I can afford cocaine? In this economy?
  11. I can ALWAYS be bought Lol you think I respect myself? Let alone one of my decisions?
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