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  1. Yah, I too have noticed that the biggest critics of Texas NIL efforts are invariably lacking the “Burnt Ends” badge.
  2. That’s what Jadaveon Clowney did, if I remember correctly. I also seem to recollect that by him not signing and waiting till summer cost him some interest from a few of the schools that were originally courting him.
  3. The world is a little less bright without you. Thank you for giving us the gift of you, coach.
  4. WAIT WHOA WHAT!?!?. Is this real? How did I miss this? It’s Joseph Goobbers
  5. My two oldest are 4 years apart in age. When they were maybe 6 & 2, give or take, the oldest (boy) would really talk mean and ugly to his younger sister. It's one of his gifts, his verbal skills. Finally one night they were playing together and my wife secretly videoed their interactions. When we showed him the video, he was horrified at what he was saying to the little sister he loved. That was the end of that problem, for the most part. Sometimes we don't see or hear ourselves objectively.
  6. There is effectively no difference in your scenario than just firing him. Still have to pay out his contract and you still have to pay new coach.
  7. In honor of seeing the phrase used twice this page I dug up this golden oldie
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