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  1. Oh I'm sure she married a "good ag" and already has a kid named Kyle. Somewhere on her facebook she has pics of him/her wearing a "12th Man" onesie as a baby.
  2. You'd probably already know that if you spent less time in the Cloak Room mutual admiration society.
  3. Aggy learned that by adding organic matter and biological activity to inorganic rock particles you can grow things. A fun bit of trivia, this substance is actually found naturally occurring on earth and is often referred to as "soil".
  4. Justin Wells is a caricature. It became a beating listening to him. That is the one thing I'm most grateful for in that divorce. Blake Munroe was a tough listen also. There were other hosts that were milquetoast (milquehost?) but less acutely annoying. While we are at it, can I request that they never bring on, in a speaking capacity, that breathless, run-on sentence speaking guy from the Blitz? Matt I think.
  5. Oh shit! I’m in the cloak room. You motherfuckers!!
  6. I’ve been summoned. I gotta tell yah, I guess I didn’t really know who this Lauren Boebert was. I never gave it much thought when I’d hear the name or read it. I’d just tune out, I guess. So, I think I thought they were talking about Lorena Bobbitt. Yall made me finally look this person up and in this case…….. (my)Username does not check out
  7. or all cloak room rep is counted into a separate "Red Flag" category that we can all easily see with their username and avatar. This will make it much easier to dismiss, put on ignore or fatwa.
  8. Don't forget maroon Bluebonnets. About "maroon" carrots, the original carrot was purple until the Dutch got ahold of them and cultivated the orange color. Aggie just teased that gene back out, like with the bluebonnets. It took them 30 years to turn some pink bluebonnets found growing wild into "maroon" bluebonnets.
  9. Whoa! That hits a lot different than Bad Company's version.
  10. Gen x’er here to tell you to get fucked with that “natty” shit
  11. Maybe this is the problem. We lost our edge. (EDGE?)
  12. My oldest son and longhorn grad and I used to bond over Shaggy when he was a teen but he mostly is on Reddit or twitter now. I don’t know the remedy, but I do think a big part of the problem is lack of youthful energy we all had much more of 10-15 years ago.
  13. Someone with better skills than me (which is any non-zero amount) take the commission to gif a Jimbo and elko as big and little Enos with sark laying in the hammock laughing at them. is such a thing possible?
  14. My uncle worked at the labs his whole career.
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