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  1. The fact that we are 6-2 in the brutal Big 12 with the drama around Beard is really incredible.
  2. I would tell you my secret parking spot... but then you would use it and I would have to kill you.
  3. I mean... you make a lot of good points. 😃
  4. Even though Hunter is in a slump, he is still much more efficient on the season than he was last year. He has higher FG%, 3P%, FT% and significantly lower turnovers.
  5. For me offering Chet Holmgren in any deal is the equivalent of multiple unprotected firsts. He was just the #2 overall player. Honestly I don’t think I would trade him straight up for Gobert when you factor in age and salary. Who knows what a pick becomes. Maybe a great player. Maybe a #22 throw away. I agree generally that OKC should stay the course. But they are looking like they are ahead of schedule and they have way more picks than they can ever use. I would sprinkle a few picks to get some players NOW, while keeping the bulk of the war chest for the future.
  6. Probably true. But I don’t think OKC is giving up those assets for disgruntled or underperforming players. They will end up with a player or two that is currently being “built around”. IMO.
  7. Sabonis becomes a free agent at the end of next season. If they think they are going to lose him, I can see them taking a good offer. And OKC has the ability to put together some incredible offers. Let's say OKC offered Sacramento Chet Holmgren, the 2024 Clippers unprotected pick and the 2025 Clippers/Houston/OKC pick. Sacramento would be insane to turn that down.
  8. Siakam would be a great fit. I would also see what it would take to get Sabonis. That dude is basically Jokic light. And then pair him with a cheaper rim protector (again, like Bamba). Although I guess they have Holmgren who will play that role.
  9. I think it is incredibly unlikely, but if I was OKC, I would try to mend fences with Durant and bring him back for a redemption tour. It could also help rehab his image (though I'm sure he doesn't care much about that). Even though the Nets are doing well right now, I think their ownership would entertain some offers given the drama of the last few years. Then I would use another chunk of the picks to go get DeAndre Ayton or Myles Turner. For this year, they could throw a few picks at Orlando to bring in Bamba to help at center and take some of the load off of Chet Holmgren in the future. James Wiseman might also be an option. This has the potential to be a title team: PG - Shai Gilgeous-Alexander SG - Josh Giddey SF - Kevin Durant PF - Myles Turner C - Chet Holmgren
  10. Back on OKC... here is a summary of their future draft picks for those who have lost count. Future picks are my reasonable best guess: 2023 - 9 - Best 1st rounder between OKC and Clippers 2023 - 37 - Best 2nd rounder between OKC and Wizards 2023 - 50 - Best 2nd rounder between Miami and Dallas 2024 - 5 - via Houston 1-4 protected 2024 - 8 - via Clippers unprotected 2024 - 13 - OKC own pick 2024 - 14 - via Utah 1-10 protected 2024 - 45 - Worst 2nd rounder between Charlotte and Minnesota 2025 - 6 - Best 1st rounder between Clippers, Houston (1-10 protected) and OKC 2025 - 20 - via Miami (1-14 protected) 2025 - 22 - via Philly (1-6 protected) 2025 - 48 - via Atlanta (31-40 protected) 2025 - 52 - Best 2nd rounder between Boston and Memphis 2025 - 54 - via Philly 2026 - 7 - via Houston 1-4 protected 2026 - 8 - via Clippers unprotected 2026 - 20 - OKC own pick 2026 - 45 - Best 2nd rounder between Dallas, Philly, OKC 2027 - 24 - OKC own pick 2027 - 25 - via Denver 1-5 protected As it stands, OKC could have as many as 9-10 lottery picks over the next 5 years! Plus a ton of 2nd round picks.... 20 picks in total. There is no way that they can even use all of these picks, so I would expect them to be active in bundling them up to go higher in the draft, or in trades to get some better players.
  11. Houston is tanking so expertly that people can’t tell if they are trying to lose games or if they are just terrible.
  12. Terry has to figure out a way to get Hunter going again. Hydrate him up, play him 35 minutes and tell the other players to get him 30+ points. Don’t care if he has to put up 40 shots to get there and we lose the game. This team can possibly get to the Sweet 16 without him, but no way we go farther than that. He needs to play like the best player on the team - and he is capable of it.
  13. I've played some pickup games like the ACU game. Where the other team is shorter and less athletic, but cares WAY more than you. So they destroy you on the glass, out hustle you on defense and ultimately win. It is annoying.
  14. Haven't read the thread, but have you considered a small grill like this? I think it looks more subtle and classy than the full sized grill.
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