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  1. I don't know, his white guard ABSOLUTELY torched us last night.
  2. This is a terrible terrible loss. But ultimately it doesn’t matter.
  3. My friend has 12 good lower level Sugar Bowl tickets in hand. Sec 147. Aisle seats. He is just looking to get what he paid for them. $1,200 each, ideally in one big block. PM me if interested.
  4. Looking to sell 3 tickets to the Big 12 Championship game. Sec 302, Row 17. These are pretty decent seats in the mid level and are vastly better than the super high upper level seats. Just looking to get face value for them - which was $259 each after tax.
  5. Yeah we have had so many incredible running backs. You even missed two of our best in Priest Holmes and Eric Metcalf. Here is the list of UT NFL running backs. I thought I would see where Ced stacked up. The list is sorted by career fantasy points... 1655.4 - Priest Holmes – 3x All Pro, 3x Pro Bowl 1644.9 - Ricky Williams – 1x All Pro, 1x Pro Bowl 1426.6 - Earl Campbell – 3x All Pro, 5x Pro Bowl, Hall of Fame 1367.6 - Jamaal Charles – 2x All Pro, 4x Pro Bowl 1067.7 - Eric Metcalf – 2x All Pro, 3x Pro Bowl 863.0 - Cedric Benson 474.6 - Roosevelt Leaks 360.2 - D’Onta Foreman (active) 258.8 - Malcolm Brown 158.4 - Chris Ogbonnaya 150.7 - Fozzy Whittaker 135.9 - Selvin Young 126.3 - Bijan Robinson (active) 68.1 - Ahmard Hall 42.1 - Roschon Johnson (active) 24.1 - Keaontay Ingram (active) And in the coming years we could also add Brooks, Baxter and Blue.
  6. Revised using the odds Bolverk's posted... Texas wins (88%) plus FSU loses (25.6%) - 100% we are in (.225) Michigan loses (10%) - 100% we are in (0.088) Bama wins (47.9%) - 50% chance we are in (0.211) Oregon wins (75.8%) - 5% chance we are in (0.033) The odds that at least ONE of the above of the above events happens is ~46%.
  7. I put our odds as follows: Texas wins (85%) plus FSU loses (40%) - 100% we are in (.340) Michigan loses (10%) - 100% we are in (0.085) Bama wins (35%) - 50% chance we are in (0.149) Oregon wins (75%) - 5% chance we are in (0.032) The odds that at least ONE of the above of the above events happens is ~45%. That is pretty close to our +130 Vegas odds for making the CFP.
  8. I agree if Georgia wins. There is no chance we get in over Oregon if it is a straight up decision. But if Bama wins, I think that changes the calculation. If we all win, they will have to decide whether to leave out the SEC, leave us out who beat Bama, or leave out the PAC 12. I think in that case Oregon COULD lose out. In that scenario, I put the odds of losing out at: Bama - 40% Texas - 35% Oregon - 25% Bama might jump us, but I don't think it is a certainty at all.
  9. If Oregon, Texas and Alabama all win it is going to get very interesting. Texas win over Alabama will look even better when Bama is #4-#5 after beating Georgia. Oregon's loss will look a lot worse when Washington drops to 12-1 and ~#8. We will still have the best win of the year. Bama's miracle win over Auburn could be the thing that keeps them out of the playoffs. I put the odds at 50/50 that we get in over Alabama and the SEC is left out - as crazy as that sounds.
  10. Agree 100%. It was possibly my all-time low as a sports fan... and on my birthday no less. Right up there with Chris Simms turning the ball over 100 times in the 2001 Big 12 Championship. And ACU beating us in the tourney. And Michael Crabtree's catch. But I think it trumps them all because we were so set up for long-term success. I have no doubt Beard would have won us a title eventually. I dare say FOR US, he was the top coach in the country given his age and fact he is an alumni. We could also use a shameless promoter like Beard (and he is the absolute best at that). There is literally no coach I would have rather had than him. And for Beard, there is nowhere else where he could win like he could at Texas WHILE living the life that he wants to live. He may eventually find his way to Kentucky or UNC - but his total life situation there will not be as good as it could have been here. I like Terry and still think we are set up for success. I think we could have a period of success comparable to Barnes best years where we make a string of Sweet 16/Elite 8 and maybe occasionally better. But his ceiling is lower than Beard. Then again, I suppose his floor is higher than Beard, who is one more F-up away from being out of basketball.
  11. Seems about right based on what I've seen. Potential to get up in the top 10 if Disu comes back and plays to his potential.
  12. Agree 100%. I just think with a guy like Abmas, you try to put him in a position to take BETTER shots, and help him find his rhythm. But I would ask him to shoot more, not less - and to work his ass off to get good shots. I will say it again, he needs to get to the line. That is the easiest way to lock in your shot during the game. I would tell him to attack the F out of the basket. He can finish - and if he doesn't he is going to get fouled a lot. Prior to today he was averaging less than a FT a game. That is horrid for a guy who can shoot 92%+. He needs to be averaging 5+ FT a game. I also haven't been THAT disappointed with his defense. It starts slow, but he seems to lock in as the game goes on. His defense at the end of the UCONN game was decent IMO. Not sure I can go that far, but I was thinking similarly today watching him run around grabbing key boards, blocking shots, stealing and disrupting all over the place. I would say Shedrick has been our best player. He has an 18.3 BPM. Next highest is Brock with 5.6. It would have completely and totally changed the UCONN game if he was out there. If we added Disu as well, I think we go from being out played down low to actually having the advantage.
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