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  1. KD to New Orleans is his best shot at a title IMO. And Zion would be a nice building block for the Nets.
  2. Any idea what is wrong with my honeysuckle? It forms tiny leaves that never grow any bigger. It was growing fine before this year.
  3. Yea in my scenario I’m including Durant and Seth and Drummond and probably LaMarcus. At worst they are even with the Celtics of everyone is healthy and playing.
  4. If the Nets get peak Kyrie, Ben Simmons and Joe Harris they are right in the mix for having the best team in the NBA. Yes, they got swept in the playoffs, but they lost those games by a COMBINED 14 points. Add Simmons and Harris and maybe they are the ones doing the sweeping. There is nobody that the Nets can add who is anywhere close to as good as Kyrie. I'm also not quite ready to close the book on Ben Simmons. You are still talking about a 3rd team All-NBA guard and All-NBA defender. He is a perfect fit in Brooklyn because he doesn't need to score to make an impact. Problem is that he doesn't seem to care much about hoops. Same as Kyrie I suppose. I guess the Nets are screwed. But they are so close to being awesome.
  5. Trade Kyrie to Orlando for Bamba, Isaac and one of their young guards. And sign PJ Tucker while you are at it.
  6. I hate politics and don't really have much of an opinion on this topic... But what I do find interesting is that no women are championing their right to prostitution. If a woman's body is her own (and it is), then why does she not have the right to profit from it in a sexual capacity?
  7. I like what Detroit is building. I think Isaiah Stewart is also pretty good and JUST turned 21. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him average 12 boards a game in a few years.
  8. I think the article was right in a lot of ways. Kevin Love was a beast with Minnesota. He averaged 26.1 pts, 12.5 reb, 4.4 ast on pretty efficient shooting. He would have fit into the Warriors system and culture perfectly. He is a great passer and rebounder and would have kept the ball moving while also being a threat from 3. A lineup of Curry, Iggy, Barnes, Love and Draymond still wins the title in 2015. I'm not convinced they wouldn't have been better with Love. Also, if Love was in GS, Cleveland obviously couldn't have traded for him. In 2014, there weren't that many all-stars available for trade. Other potential options would have been LaMarcus Aldridge or Dwight Howard. Maybe Carmelo Anthony. None of them would have fit all that well with LeBron - and none could stretch the floor like Kevin Love. I don't think in any of those scenarios Cleveland beats Golden State in 2016. Meanwhile, Klay would be in Minnesota doing his best Bradley Beal impersonation.
  9. I won't be surprised at all. Their young players are really talented and are only going to get better. Poole, Kuminga, Moody and Wiseman are an excellent young core to build around. And they will be able to take their time and develop them. Klay was also not "right" for most of the year. This could easily be a 15-20 year run with another title or two thrown in. Curry really should have 2 more titles, and probably 2 more Finals MVPs. Imagine the conversations if he had 6 titles right now... and then got a couple more in the coming years. The GOAT talk would start heating up.
  10. Yes the Big 3 are a year older, but people don’t talk enough about how good Jordan Poole is. That guy is a straight baller with championship swagger. Wiggins was also great. He is much better than Harrison Barnes ever was: scoring, defending and especially rebounding. Looney is also better than Andrew Bogut, especially on the defensive end. The Big 3 may have lost a step, but the team is deeper and more talented than the early GSW teams in my opinion. And they have elite young talent that isn’t even really seeing the floor yet.
  11. Curry was awesome, but I don’t think they win without Wiggins. He had so many key defensive stops and rebounds. Hit a few big shots too. Also did it all with a little humility. Glad to see it.
  12. Any idiot security guard who thinks he looks like Klay should also be banned for life.
  13. I’m not saying he is going to be Embiid. But nobody expected much from Wiggins either and look at him now. Golden State has shown they have an eye for talent and know how to develop their players. Almost every player they have drafted in the last 10 years has outplayed their draft position. Wiseman just turned 21. Embiid didn’t even step on an NBA court until he was 22. I think I will withhold judgement for 3-4 years and see how things play out.
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