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  1. Kelly’s QB recruiting/room management has always been poor, so I’ll excuse him for Holstein. Arch was never go to play for his family’s arch rival. But LSU losing a 5 star safety to Texas should be an alarming bellweather to LSU fans.
  2. We had a very small wedding in New Orleans at the end of September some years ago. It was on a Friday. No football plans were interfered with. To black out September - December is a big ask for many young couples, especially for competitive venues. There are plenty of work arounds. Friday/Sunday weddings. Labor Day weekend weddings. Bye week weddings. SEC Cupcake Saturday weddings. But yes, people that get married on the same day as the RRR are mentally ill.
  3. Kyrie can make up the difference by proving the world is indeed flat.
  4. Pretty interesting mashbill.
  5. Minus KD and Kyrie, would the Nets be the worst team in the NBA?
  6. Any chance Aggy attempts a Jackson Arnold purchase?
  7. Aggy is awfully quiet at QB. Who are they currently targeting for 2023?
  8. I assume Stroh projects best at guard? Currently listed as a OT on 247.
  9. I'll give Peacock a fair amount of credit. Plenty of content, and very recent theater movies in their library. I have the mid tier package for free via my internet provider. There are a ton of ads during shows, but they run 2 minutes of ads before movies, and that's it. So basically, I just watch movies on Peacock. Hulu is pretty strong on show content, but their movie selection is pretty poor. If you'd paired Peacock and Hulu you'd have a very strong streamer.
  10. I'm not going to say anything groundbreaking here. Jabari pairs a lot better with Sengun than Banchero. Nice fit. I don't think Sengun will get there as a two way player. Average at best on defense while being undersized is his ceiling. Having 2 defensive liabilities in your front court probably leads to similar 2021-2022 defensive numbers for the most of Banchero's rookie contract.
  11. Pay the extra $5 for ad free. Hulu has a brutal amount of ads.
  12. Dusty’d. Why isn’t Stanek getting the 8th?
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