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  1. Has High West issued an explanation for what, a $40-50 price increase from last year?
  2. billfromlaketravis


    Urbe in Uptown is pretty solid if you understand what it is. Basically Hugo’s appetizer menu + drinks.
  3. Yes I love Die Hard. Probably my favorite movie. I won’t touch the third rail on its movie category.
  4. RE: Abreu, good contract for both parties. How much is leftover for an OF and SP?
  5. COH is now blaming Centerpoint. Haha. Well, everybody hates Centerpoint. It’d be nice to have ice at a couple Christmas parties later this week.
  6. So Yuli can maybe play second in addition to first? Third would be a stretch and haha at SS.
  7. I wouldn’t touch Nimmo over $100 million. Give Conforto a show me contract, 2 years $30 with a club option for year 2. Also very excited about Abreu.
  8. Yay or nah, on this: They gave no information in the description as to where it was sourced from.
  9. Beth just sucks so hard. Kelly Reilly was a bright spot in True Detective Season 2. She’s better than the writing/direction on Yellowstone, but not good enough to rise above it.
  10. I’m sure COH will blame ERCOT/any state agency, and not accept any responsibility. Wash, rinse, repeat. You get what you vote for.
  11. Man alive, good for Zach Bryan! A Navy veteran, and up and coming Texas country artist. Fingers crossed he gets a spot at the San Antonio or Austin Rodeo this year. I’d love to see him in Houston, but he has some road to go.
  12. If Fickell was a betting man, he should have waiting out Day at tOSU. I guess that job is still there if he wants it. Smart, conservative move. Cincy probably takes a step back initially in the Big 12, and it would take the shine off of Fickell’s name.
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