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  1. Midtown Houston crackheads don’t mind the line.
  2. Ringer’s The Watch had a pretty good breakdown of Episode 3. Just too much shit going on. “Felt like they put the whole storyboard in one episode.” I’d agree. The sin eater stuff was very cool. Just make a season about a weirdo immortal Scottish assassin. Everybody is happy. FX has produced much stranger shows. Instead… we get Juno Temple as Kevin from Home Alone and Jon Hamm as the Marlboro man. Every season has gotten worse with a cliff drop after Season 2. I’m not sure there’s a fix here. The Coen Bros aren’t really interested in making movies right now. They’ll never touch TV. Noah Hawley is lost. Maybe a Billy Bob prequel would work, but he’s not getting any younger and he’s needs to be in it for it to work.
  3. Can your guy talk to my guy? Please.
  4. This is also office aggy’s retort when things are very dark in College Station.
  5. Denbrock would have been much better. Good play caller, dynamic offense, wealth of experience.
  6. Klein’s offense is niche and doesn’t fit a major SEC program as laid out upthread. Additionally, he’s only called plays for 1 season. This is the dynamic OC hire that Elko absolutely had to nail. I think he’s already failed on some level.
  7. I guess I can live with a 1 year rental, but 2 punters on scholarship is going to piss me off.
  8. Filsaime would be a perfect storm that finally goes our way. If Sun Belt Billy waits until after Christmas to dismiss Raymond like a sane person, I’m not sure Texas gets their foot in the door.
  9. Let’s assume Johns turned aggy down. Duke’s 247 site doesn’t even list him as a HC candidate. Santucci turning aggy down is also puzzling. I’ll definitely buy ctj’s post on Elko’s turn key transition blowing up in his face, and his network being cheeks.
  10. Hilarious Tex. Go back and read Looch’s post at about 5pm. “Klein is 1 of 2 names. Not a done deal. Not at the finish line.” That’s a hedge. Sounds like a 3rd name turned them down yesterday. I assume that was Johns given the OL hire came from Duke.
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