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  1. Get used to it. LSU fans are still bitching about missed holding calls from the 90s. The safety non-call was inexplicably bad. Like worse than Bama controls the officials tinfoil hat conspiracies. That was just pure incompetence.
  2. Biggest UT fan I’ve ever met went to Matt’s after every home game. He bought me more dinners than I can count. RIP Rusty. I hope you’re up there throwing the ball around with James Street and Bobby Layne.
  3. Milroe sucks shit, but he'll almost certainly be the starter in Week 2. Saban might replace him in game, but he'll start. It feels like first to 20-21 wins that game.
  4. Nahlin had a brief post where he got the OL wrong. I'm not Vince Lombardi, but I don't think Banks can play both LT and RT.
  5. Juan In a Million, but they close at 3. Matt's is solid. Flame away South Texans that don't like it because it's not as good as their abuela's taqueria in the Valley. Please go have at least a beer at Dirty Martin's. It feels like they're on borrowed time. Chili burger still slams.
  6. I like the Rye Not Roses, but it's still MGP rye. The recipe just doesn't do it for me. Perfectly fine sipper, but not close to a $200 bottle. I'll pick up the Nashville Barrel Spec's pick if it's age stated and under $120.
  7. I kind of think we beat Bama? That said, Saban has been nails in early season OOC games. I hope we catch them during the Milroe QB experiment.
  8. Yep. You better be on top of your game in Houston during the week. Double the speed limit isn't uncommon on any street wider than 2 lanes. The weekends are different. People drive like they have their grandma in the car with a crock pot full of soup in the back seat.
  9. They need to see what they have in Hensley before they make a Pinder move. I just hope Dusty doesn't get cute and plays Dubon at second 5-6 times a week.
  10. I'm confused. Are they closing the Woodrow's in Eado and moving it to the Lucky's location?
  11. 2019 is always going to sting. A team that good should never lose Games 6 and 7 at home.
  12. Given the choice between the Big Ten and the SEC, the SEC is a better weather conference. *
  13. I'd offer him 3 years, $12 million. I'm happy for him. Seems like a good guy that was put in some very poor basketball locations. That said, Fresno is very close to LA/SoCal and in a decent basketball conference. He should have done more there in 7 years. Kind of crazy to wake up this morning, and Texas is the favorite to win the whole damned thing.
  14. Really, really want to beat Miami. Coug High ambassador / “sports journalist” Matt Thomas is going to be sucking on the end of the of a Glock 9 during the Monday broadcast.
  15. Heat 2 audiobook is excellent. This is going to be a great movie if Michael Mann stays attached. Please, please, recast Pacino, Kilmer and De Niro. No de-aging bullshit. Just cast good actors that resemble the originals. https://www.rogerebert.com/features/heat-2-offers-thrilling-sequel-to-classic-michael-mann-film#:~:text=Mann has already said that,films than a standalone feature.
  16. I wish DJ the best. Hopefully hes some salary cap necessity and dra a a paycheck for a few more years. I doubt he plays much.
  17. I want to say we’ll look back in 10 years and laugh, but the officiating in the 2015 Okie State game has caused generational trauma. UT Administration needed to wake up. Unfortunately for us, the Big 12’’s shittiness was akin to being dragged out of bed naked, hooded, flown to a CIA Black Site, and water boarded for 11 years. I guess we ended up the best football/weather conference.
  18. Let’s see how Stingley performs when he’s actually on the field.
  19. Fox already has the markets they want, and they run MLB on Saturday nights. Why would they give a shit about the PAC? Canzano is probably parakeeting his source, but he has to think this shit through. His reporting doesn't make any sense. Don't let your source use you like this man. This is Chip Brown reporting Notre Dame and Clemson to Big 12 level bad. I kind of wish ESPN would swoop in and offer the PAC $31 million and $1 just to shut them the f*** up so we can back to spring ball. But, with massive layoffs looming and the SEC money about to hit the books, I don't see it happening. I kind of surprised Amazon isn't into it. They're so f***ing integrated you can watch the Cowboys on Thursday Night Football, press pause, and buy merch on the same site. Surely they see the upside in selling Oregon hoodies during games. It feels like something is going on behind the scenes there. Apple holding them hostage through the summer is probably the most humorous outcome.
  20. I'd suggest trying on Peter Millar before buying. Their men's sizes run really small.
  21. That Stingley pick continues to piss me off. They're a top half of the league defense next year with Sauce at corner.
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