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  1. Looking at houses in Spanish Oaks with Mrs. Schlossy?
  2. aggy just has to give their fans hope. That ball was about 12 feet above his glove.
  3. How are they premiering a season in November and Costner is on the fence to return?! I think he’s gone. Sheridan unwisely thinks his brand is bigger than Costner/John Dutton. I think he’ll play the Rip and Beth greatest hits to please red state housewives and call it a day.
  4. Good episode. Well done. This is a brutal civil war and should be treated accordingly.
  5. Saban is a smart, smart hire. The olds LOVE him, and the youths respect him. I’m sure his favorability rating on Game Day will be north of 80%. He’ll never be as funny as Corso, but I think he can approach him in likability, and of course Saban is infinitely more knowledgeable about the game. Natural replacement. I wish Coach well.
  6. I hate crowded desks on pregame shows. Why do they need Pat on Game Day when they have Saban? Give him a Game Day lead in show + his daily show and everybody is happy. But again it’s ESPN, so I fully expect them to alienate Pat. I don’t buy the Herbie and Pat duo bullshit. That’s exactly what Herbie would say to support an embattled colleague. He’s not walking away from fame and fortune to show solidarity with Pat.
  7. Dumb question, does aggy have better baseball facilities than Texas? On the surface it would appear so. They have large renovations planned and a ton of space to build on.
  8. aggy, Tennessee, Florida, or Kentucky coaches with an elite pitching coach would all be acceptable outcomes. CDC can make one of those happen. I’d prefer Schloss, but not getting my hopes up.
  9. We’ve been through this before in transit. If homeless people can ride for free with impunity, they’re always going to be causing trouble. A family member was in the hospital for about 2 months recently. Just a nightmare, but the staff was great. The nurses are extremely hard working, but they rely heavily on Patient Care Assistants (PCA). These folks don’t make much, about $20 an hour. Many of them are women, many are first or second generation Americans. All of them are afraid to ride Metro to work. They’d rather pay $20 a day to park at their own workplace than take the train. Just a sad state of affairs that the people who need light rail the most won’t use it.
  10. People in this thread are actively rooting for aggy?! We need the game to come back. Never forget that Cart McCry bullshit. Fuck them. Now and forever.
  11. Hollywood : You can’t mess up a performance by Margarita Levieva. Acolyte: Hold my beer.
  12. Second to last round of shots today. 7 long weeks until I can take them to Memorial Park to use them as chick magnets. The bigger one gained almost 2.5 pounds in 10 days. I think she’s growing into her huge head.
  13. An oldie, but a goodie. I bet the tall guy at Premier l as asking $120 for them during Covid, and couldn’t move them. Resurfaced recently in Tanglewood.
  14. The movie is about the hang. Nothing particularly interesting happens, but the characters have a good time.
  15. RIP. What I’ll always remember him for:
  16. There’s still hope. The San Felipe and Winrock location goes hard. I still can’t figure out how to tell them to do mustard on both sides of the bun on the app, but my double with grilled onion and jalapeños was pretty great. Good staff at this location and a very, very clean dining room for a Houston Whataburger. Additionally, the drive thru is always manageable. I’ve never seen a line up backed up into the street.
  17. Doesn’t feel like a negotiating tactic because they’re already paying him a ton. Like many actors have expressed before, TV is a bitch. 6 months of shooting. Opposed to 30- 120 days for a movie. Costner was the sun of Yellowstone. Everything revolved around him. There’s no way to make the show work without him. There’s no way to organically write him out of the show. That said, the colon cancer plot they completely abandoned in Season 1 could come back. It’ll be an unsatisfying end, but it’s their only plausible out.
  18. I bought the Blu-ray when it wasn’t looking good for to make it on a streamer. I mean it’s Mel Gibson, and there are plenty of women beatings. Of course a year later and it’s everywhere.
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