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  1. I guess I can live with a 1 year rental, but 2 punters on scholarship is going to piss me off.
  2. Filsaime would be a perfect storm that finally goes our way. If Sun Belt Billy waits until after Christmas to dismiss Raymond like a sane person, I’m not sure Texas gets their foot in the door.
  3. Let’s assume Johns turned aggy down. Duke’s 247 site doesn’t even list him as a HC candidate. Santucci turning aggy down is also puzzling. I’ll definitely buy ctj’s post on Elko’s turn key transition blowing up in his face, and his network being cheeks.
  4. Hilarious Tex. Go back and read Looch’s post at about 5pm. “Klein is 1 of 2 names. Not a done deal. Not at the finish line.” That’s a hedge. Sounds like a 3rd name turned them down yesterday. I assume that was Johns given the OL hire came from Duke.
  5. Looch is hedging on Klein. I don’t want this dream to end so soon.
  6. OU getting left out for Liberty needs to happen. Venables pleading his case against a Bible College also needs to happen.
  7. Liberty wasn’t the 12th seed in the final CFP. It was OU. https://collegefootballplayoff.com/news/2023/12/3/cfp-rankings-2023-1203.aspx James Franklin might a secret genius. Beginning in 2024, lose to Michigan and Ohio State, win the other 10 games and make the CFP every single year.
  8. The only experienced QB that would come to Texas would have to be a 6th year journeyman without a NFL future that is looking for a guaranteed GA job after the season.
  9. This. 2014 Ohio State team also had Zeke Elliott on a heater/diet. Florida State is getting a lifetime of sympathy. They even got a segment on Bret Baier with Bret interviewing Jim Gray (yes he’s still alive). Gray went with the laziest of lazy takes. “The system is broken and it failed the kids.” Other than TexAgs, the only other major outlet saying Texas shouldn’t have gotten in was that chode Stewart Mandel. I’d say most of the national ire is directed at Bama.
  10. He was a presenter at the team banquet on Sunday, so I’ll buy it. I bet they move him into the Sports Information Department if he can’t catch on in the ESPN universe. I really wish they’d cut him loose. He’s the reverse Bill Little. Just overly negative on little things that nobody gives a shit about. Meanwhile, the much more talented Alex Loeb roams the Siberian wilderness because he got a DUI 10 years ago.
  11. FSU’s third string QB was committed to Ohio State at 1 point. I had to pause and rewind the podcast when I heard that. I assume he was part of 2 QB class. The kid might be good someday. He just wasn’t ready.
  12. I agree with you, but Looch claims he has a source on the aggy side, the Ohio State side, and the agent side that said Day to aggy was never happening. No explanation given. Just said that it wasn’t a possibility. I don’t know where Day could retreat to. Notre Dame could make sense, but I don’t think they’d fire Freeman after showing some signs of life after 3 years.
  13. Playing Gabriel again in 2024 could mildly suck, but he’s going to be on a bad team and in a game with real officials. He won’t have the OU unlimited holding cheat code working in his favor.
  14. I kind of wonder if Day can survive this. These people are fing nuts. Prominent Buckeyes have said publicly that they’d rather beat Michigan than win a national championship. He’s dropped 3 straight and half his team is in the portal.
  15. I’d pass on both. Honestly, I would just go into Richard’s once a month and ask if they have any EHT Small Batch. I can’t help you on R13. I got blanked this year.
  16. Did your local store receive a shipment recently? Im trying to figure something out at Spec’s.
  17. Edit: Just saw Marvin Harrison is also a finalist. Good for him. Darn good player.
  18. Any smoke to Day going after Weigman? It feels too good to be true.
  19. I’d love for this to happen, but it won’t. Allegedly there are only 3 names are the ballot. My guess : Penix, Nix, and Daniels. I think Penix finishes 3rd. I hope he at least gets invited to New York. If he’s excluded, he’ll play with a massive chip on his shoulder.
  20. Some highlights from Sunday Loochador: - Olin Buchanan might be the biggest fucking regard at TexAgs. He suggested that aggy coaches intentionally cover the spread because their boosters are betting the games. And if they win, they’ll contribute more to NIL. Yes, he really said this. - Looch said 15 teams would go undefeated against Texas’ schedule after Bama. “Texas played a 2 game season and they split.” - Looch basically tampered with Ollie Gordon. Said he could paid big time if he went in the portal. - Looch acknowledged NIL issues at aggy. He didn’t specify, but he said they were way behind Texas. Texas is Number 1 in NIL. Of course, Elko will fix this. - Olin was impressed that Ole Miss had NIL advertisements above their urinals. He recommended doing the same at Kyle Field. - Olin said he’s married to a Latina and she’d appreciate the Mexican wrestling mask on the podcast’s logo. Imagine being racist against your own wife. - Basically 45 minutes of pleading FSU’s case + backhanded Texas compliments with 5 minutes of Elko,NIL, and Texas Bowl talk.
  21. Hibbler hasn’t decommitted yet and he hasn’t taken any visits. He’s buying whatever bullshit MS State is selling him right now. It feels like Lindsey and Baker have signed something with Auburn.
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