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  1. Macanudo


    Honest question... How much alcohol do you drink? I stopped drinking entirely 9 months ago and my tinnitus is better now than it used to be. Correlation? No idea. But I was drinking a lot.
  2. There are a couple of things to unpack within Bonhoeffer's idea. 1. A significant amount of people just want to be led. They want someone else to make decisions for them and as long as it affects "others" they will generally go along with whatever is the norm in their world established or promised by that leader. Persecution of minorities, ethnic groups or religions throughout time shows this repeatedly. Demonizing those groups and blaming them for the state of the world is easy when you hoist the problems onto "others." Differences aren't to be celebrated and incorporated into their world but rather looked down on. 2. Most people are inherently selfish to some degree and often see altruism or the common good as something that benefits "others" and not themselves. They don't realize that the common good can and usually does benefit them in the long term. Selfish people either lack the ability (intelligence) to see what the long term good is or don't care. Selfish people are only looking at short term gains they see decisions as zero sum. The perception that "others" get a piece of their pie, even if a smaller slice, rankles them. Leaders stoke that and feed their followers (dis)information to anger them hence increasing their selfishness. 3. The average human being lacks emotional intelligence. When faced with a decison that has to be made, too often there is little introspection or deep thought put into the decision regarding outcomes and long term effects. What feels good now is the decision most often made. It's why we hear all the stories about lottery winners and professional athletes going broke. Or why children (and adults) do dumb shit like stick Legos up their noses, jump off trucks onto folding tables at tailgates or street race. It's fun now. But the negative consequences will happen to someone else, not them. Until is does. Too many adults still make decisions from the same reference point that children do. So, this takes us back to my 1st point. People want someone else to tell them what to do and we know all too well how this often turns out.
  3. And that assumes the Russian troops don't either get left on the line with little to no R&R or only sent back behind the lines to live in their own squalor. I'd be surprised if a lot of them get a chance to visit home. Especially since the desertion rate would probably be high.
  4. Does she really only have 3 or 4 fingers on her lefthand?
  5. I think jimmyjazz is saying that he might just have a friend that can redirect a satellite and rain a railgun down upon you. Wouldn't that be ironic?
  6. He probably walks through every hour or so, 2-3 times a night, every night.
  7. This, my friends, is what we call a disenguous comment. The person who asked the question has no interest in advancing the discussion, only in denying that the facts are obvious and not in dispute.
  8. I started The Witcher and am about 3 episodes in. Does it get better or should I cut my losses now? Cavill is ok but a bit wooden (which may be the point of his character) but so far I'm underwhelmed.
  9. Stanford hiring Herman has to be a sign of the End Times.
  10. The recipe for winning at ASU (and Arizona) is recruiting Southern California hard. The Phoenix areas has talent but a lot of them want to go to USC or Oregon. Same reason kids from Austin don't often end up at UT.
  11. And I bet their government's promise of "two weeks" is much different than ours.
  12. So it wasn't just like rolling into Czechoslovakia?
  13. Yeah but one them has easy access to cheap but good Scotch, real football and college girls. Heck, maybe both of them.
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