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  1. If you voluntarily chose to see a movie like this, that's on you. Plot and cast should have warned you away without even knowing the religious angle and who made the film.
  2. I read an article a few days back about this/her. She is a dumb ass.
  3. Is that general's viewing being in a hotel lobby?
  4. Yo, Junior... On April 16, 1945 the Russians started their bombardment of the last defensive line in front of Berlin at the Seelow Height (56 miles away. ) They encircled the city 7 days later. The Russians have been fighting the Ukrainians for 649 days. It's going so swimmingly for them.
  5. So that's who has been hoarding all of the .303 Enfield ammo.
  6. Makes me wonder why Guyana hasn't built some strongholds in/around that road and others areas of the contested zone.
  7. It's Philly. He's probably there to protect the coach from his own fans.
  8. End of the Jets-Falcons game with NY on offense is like watching blind cats fuck.
  9. We're like the Key West of the SEC. People like it and want to visit. But we'll blow up the highway bridge, restrict flights in and allow absolutely zero cruise ships.
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