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  1. Welp, I hope yall stocked up on ammo before today.
  2. That Trump tweet/whatever has to be fake. Too coherent.
  3. If I had a nickel for everytime I didn't have a warrant and yet didnt know that...
  4. I would pay money to watch Inchworm look through whatever data he mined. At some point there has to be a "What the fuck?" moment.
  5. Should have gone with Nowhere to Run by Martha and the Vandellas.
  6. Does that make you nervous or just more enthusiastic and diligent about your work?
  7. The Blue Angels doc is kind of cheesy overall but it's still jets going fast and doing stupid things. Plus, Doc would get it.
  8. Nope, not even the Commanche really wanted it.
  9. Fuck man, leave something for next time. Just kidding but that sounds like a great trip even if it was a whirlwind.
  10. Fun news/bad news... Fun, I shot a full auto and suppressed B&T APC9 the other day. That was a lot of fun. Put a 100 rounds through it. Bad, I sent my Banshee back to CMMG for a tuneup. It was stovepiping a lot. Gunsmith at my range said it's overgassed and tolerances were kind of shitty. Hoping CMMG can fix it.
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