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  1. Off the top of my head, the first one that comes up.
  2. Going to watch the rest of the Brendan O'Brien interview in a bit. I had absolutely no idea that he played the guitar solo on "Hard to Handle." Holy crap that's a great lead.
  3. Honestly, before this I'd never really heard Chamberlin talk very much. The guy is just super detailed when speaking.
  4. Regular menu prices are solid too.
  5. Jeez man. This shit shouldn’t be this tough.
  6. Wow, you have to score at least one there. Jeez. fucking bunt
  7. Any streaming of this today. Want to watch at the office.
  8. Hell, I saw it in real time. jeez
  9. New Orleans. Pretty damn good.
  10. Side note, Fuck The Rangers too. We’re comin’
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