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  1. I take it as, there’s plenty of people in the third world that could be lifted out of poverty and work in the economy instead of being in squalor.
  2. Hyde Park up and running! For the moment.
  3. 84 hours baby! Got the “crew assigned” text at 10am. Wtf.
  4. I’m at a friends house who never lost power, so I’ve been drinking heavily and watching sports at least.
  5. Every accusation is a confession. Always with them. As constant as the sunrise.
  6. Just got the text that a crew has been assigned in Hyde park. Maybe todays the day?
  7. Yep. 75 here. Going to get breakfast tacos and coffee and try not to start drinking too early at the Crown for the basketball game this afternoon.
  8. They are fine if you take them for what they are. Which is a sad shell of what they could have been.
  9. Almost down to only 5 digits of outages!
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