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  1. It is still wild to me how these fucksticks don't see the writing on the wall. Of course, if they plan to cheat and/or suppress, I guess it doesn't really matter to them.
  2. I believe they are called "wards of the state". And we did this, inhumanely, for many years. I wonder if it's just the horrific practices of the past that have stopped us from trying to create a better system? I really don't know.
  3. Will be the first time in several years that I'm not pre-buying. For my musical taste, the lineup is rarely ever worth a 3 day wristband. I usually like one headliner and maybe 2-3 other bands. I'll wait for the lineup and maybe buy a one day wristband off a scalper. Plus, my company no longer sponsors a stage, so losing backstage access for drinks and restrooms is brutal. I've got to stand in line and pay for drinks like a commoner? Pass.
  4. Doing this at HEB is grounds for a paddlin.
  5. I'm still not over it. Worst football game I've ever seen. Ever. I still can't square what that Louisville QB was doing. The most likely explanation to me is that he was paid off by the ACC to let FSU win. It was that bad.
  6. I really hope you're right. HOWEVER, let's not forget, let's NOT forget that motherfucker actually GAINED votes in 2020 compared to 2016. It could very well be that all these people aren't paying attention to him and his trials because they don't give a fuck if he's innocent or guilty. They will still yank that R lever like they are starting a mower. It's too dangerous to assume otherwise.
  7. Seeing as how most of them obtain their guns legally, maybe we should at least try.
  8. The washer fluid is NOT fine!
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