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  1. Clearly he was insinuating something similar. Don’t get caught up in semantics. The past four years have been a shit show no matter how you slice when the pandemic “ended”.
  2. This gets overlooked with the "centrist" voters who are mad at "the Dems" for not running someone other than Biden.
  3. Brother? I think they convince themselves that they worked hard for every penny they have and they didn't benefit from the system in any way.
  4. I do agree (hope?) that this is his play. Reel in people who would otherwise not pay attention at all, or maybe not until October, and then re-educate them over the summer and early fall. It could work. I'll try anything at this point.
  5. Oh because they are all liars who lie about everything. I get it now.
  6. Why did the Petes always look so sweaty?
  7. Needs to start hitting, but his arm looked good the other night.
  8. 90% of his followers think MMR is the same as mRNA.
  9. I like my tradition so far of starting in the Yeti Yard for a beer, then to my seats, then another beer in the Yeti Yard on the way out (assuming I have to leave early). See y'all there!
  10. Well it didn’t feel like it. We certainly only froze a few times and nothing crazy like single digits. I should probably stop jinxing us though.
  11. I've been thinking this and just the general concept of flying this slow moving tank through constant bombardment from both the ground and the air. Of course their casualty rate was going to be like 80%+. How could it not be? Just crazy.
  12. Is this a serious question? Do you know where you are? Hell, in a few minutes we'll probably be discussing Hall and Oates again FUCK!
  13. Plans...schemes...she uh, she keeps talking about getting back together with her old friends, THE GANG, she likes to call them.
  14. Oh the Shark Tank host is pissed off at the judge? Let’s all make sure we take our political lessons from the Shark Tank host. What is the conservative obsession with game show hosts and “business” people?
  15. I don’t know if saying he didn’t have a spine is warranted.
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