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  1. Chalk it up on the big board.
  2. There was a Keystone Ice age in the early 2000s for us. I woke up passed out by my buddy’s apartment swimming pool on a Thursday morning. All the neighbors had been stepping over me on the way to classes that day.
  3. Onionheadline/ChildishGambinogif
  4. @BeardIP would you refute this? I'm trying to give you a chance man.
  5. Oh, I'm sorry. We only care about Americans in this country. We can't be bothered by the rest of the world, especially if it goes against the fear narrative pedaled by the right wing nonsense farm that creates propaganda purely to appeal to the dumbest among us. Literally. The dumbest. Take the dumbest idea you ever had in your life, triple it, run it though a cheese-rind wash of Fox News and the worst people you know and there you will get the answer. Get your logic and reason RIGHT OUT!
  6. No, Daly hit like .200 for two years
  7. Lucky. That first baseman would be my voodoo doll if I were a Kentucky fan.
  8. Dozens of us! I think there are “dozens” more that have been radicalized and will gladly take their place. I hope I’m wrong.
  9. Maybe the pitcher throwing to 2nd is a completely ineffective and useless move to begin with. I hate it in any situation. I don’t have the data, but I would bet the pick off/throwing it into center field ratio is fucking abominable.
  10. The “normal” media to call out the Right’s nonsense and propaganda? I mean, ok, it’s a bold strategy.
  11. Speaking of Dude. That’s a balk where I come from.
  12. This seems to be right in line with where America is as well.
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