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  1. She did not articulate her argument very well. She seems to be upset that a gay pride flag is up in a town that worked hard during covid.
  2. What are you two doing? I'm seeing how many times I can kick Beavis in the nards. That's your science fair project? What's a science fair?
  3. Picard on vacation with the archaeologist smoke show was ok, but I always liked the Broccoli holodeck one. Actually every Barclay themed episode was good.
  4. I hope he stayed hydrated, otherwise he might get cramps in his calves.
  5. (Siri tells them the're 167 hours away on foot) "Beavis, we'll be there by nightfall." "Oh yeah yeah."
  6. This was originally going to be a movie. Don't know how much changed story-wise since then. I think Vader replaced Darth Maul at one point.
  7. “Jesus Christ! That’s higher than I would have wanted but ok.”
  8. What’s up with the pipe bomber? They’ve had video of this person who is shaped like MTG and walks like MTG for going on a year and a half now. Why has there been zero movement on this?
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