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  1. I'd like to see ol Donny Trump wriggle his way out of this one. Ah well nevertheless.
  2. If Creighton would have shot better they would have won. Pretty embarrassing for Nebraska.
  3. Reminds me of Georgians talking about Herschel. "No candidate is perfect." Dems have to be perfect. Republicans have to have an (R) next to their name.
  4. In the past two weeks, he's had dinner at his home with a guy who thinks Jews shouldn't be allowed to work in government, and that women shouldn't be allowed to work at all, and suggested terminating the constitution. In a normal reality, he would lose all support now, and he would go away and we'd never hear from him again.
  5. We'll probably see rallies now with crowds chanting "Fuck the constitution!". CNN: "Some are saying we should abandon the constitution. But should we? We'll discuss, next."
  6. Also, how about this storyline. What if Texas had made a few more threes, while still being under their average, and had fucking run Creighton out of the gym?
  7. I liked that we had a subpar game where we shot 20% from three and only took eight free throws and still beat a top 10 team. The "omg what if Creighton shot better??" storyline got old pretty quick. Both teams made four three-pointers. Creighton shot six more free throws on the road.
  8. Had a dream last night that I opened this thread and Dolly Parton had died.
  9. So many legitimate scandals being ignored by so many people making up fake scandals.
  10. Holy shit. Can we skip this bowl stuff and get straight to spring practice?
  11. “It’s not what you believe, it’s how hard you believe it”. Um yeah let’s keep that shit to a minimum, DR. Jones.
  12. Not a bad teaser. No clue what the movie is about. But yeah, way too CGIy.
  13. Jett Bush, Alfred Collins, Ovie, and Barren Sorrell have all played edge for us. Does that help? Basically everyone between Jaylon Ford and Coburn.
  14. Man I hate Creighton. Sons of bitches. I'm getting mad just thinking about it. I hope we win by 60.
  15. I'm just getting caught up. But I'm sorry, it sounded like y'all said Kanye went on Alex Jones' show and said I love Hitler. Is that what the simulation has provided us today? Tough to get crazier than that but let's see what's in store.
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