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  1. Kids are the greatest thing that you’d never do again. That said my current happiest place on earth is my 13 year old’s baseball games. Little kid sports is a beating but when they start to become young men and understand the game it’s the fucking BEST. And I’m more of a music than sports guy. The world needs more good kids that turn into good people. If you think you can help with that please do. If you think you’re gonna have assholes then do us all a favor…
  2. Buzzrock


    Took me til the final clip and a bit of a shot in the dark. But I like those guys. #Heardle #166 [emoji344][emoji834][emoji834][emoji834][emoji834][emoji834] https://spotify.com/heardle
  3. He certainly doesn’t seem to mind when I crank them
  4. I fucking love New York. Every time I put it on I’m glad I did. I must have known he passed but just forgot. Anyway, carry on.
  5. This is fucking weird but I honestly did not know that Lou Reed died almost ten years ago. That sucks.
  6. Damn, 73 seems so young as I’m getting old. RIP Olivia Neutron Bomb, as my old man calls her.
  7. Damn, she’s 39 or 40 in that photo too. I always thought she was sexy. Sad story about her life and this latest chapter. Wishing the best for her.
  8. Lazy business dog likes to hang out in my office during thunderstorms
  9. Some of the recent pictures I’ve seen just further cement my opinion that you should put the pool as close to the house as possible. It will greatly increase how much you use it and the enjoyment you get. It’s the one thing I would change (that I can’t change) about mine.
  10. Subscribed. My oldest turned 16 in June but so far has shown little interest in getting her license. I assume I don’t need to call the insurance company until she has her license. I’m ok with it for now because I’m not in a hurry to buy another car or double our insurance. I have had everything on USAA forever but wouldn’t have any qualms about leaving them. My dad is retired Air Force (and why I’m on them) and he has soured on them over the years.
  11. Got damn, was the music really necessary?? My heart is racing! Glad that good boy got away.
  12. Neither of those tik tok links worked for me.
  13. If I could have chosen the actor to play Naru…
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