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  1. Two lessons learned today. Dum dum was going bananas looking out the back windows today which usually means there’s a critter he wants to go chase. So I let him out and he charged into the woods and I see a decent size 6-8 point buck back there who ain’t backing down for shit. He lowered his antlers and went right at him. He then took off and Samson gave a brief chase and then came running back. His mouth was bloodied up some but luckily no other injuries. He has been VERY sheepish all day, staying very close to me. He learned not to fuck around and find out with a healthy buck, and I learned I probably shouldn’t let him chase whitetails during rut.
  2. Went to a burger place where you order and pay on a touchscreen, pour your own drink, they call your name that you type in and you pick up your food. And you bus your own tray. And the screen asked for a tip.
  3. Disagree. Michigan buried nearly every team they played, and the team is intact. That’s how you insure you get in with a middling schedule.
  4. I’m rewatching GoT now and it’s amazing how much I forgot. And I’m a bookfag.
  5. Remember back when we blew money on players all the time for no apparent return (cough Pepe cough)? That wasn’t awesome.
  6. It doesn’t even make sense. If UGA had one regular season loss against Alabama and then won the SEC (presumably against Bama) then of course they would be in.
  7. Not as hilarious as Miami who did the same thing and has never even won the ACC. Ever.
  8. Fuck FSU. Their bitchasses tried to blow up the ACC over the summer for money after years of doing jack and shit. I hope both teams lose the Orange Bowl. Btw I’m already hearing from Georgia fans that they “don’t want to be there” [emoji23] Mutthurt indeed.
  9. It’s gonna suck when they expand the playoffs and we don’t have this to argue about any more.
  10. They at least explained that last call. If a call is overturned by VAR then by rule it’s a drop ball, hence no corner. But that was not a PK on Milner.
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