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  1. It was strongly implied that Daemon gave them instructions to get a son-for-a-son no matter what.
  2. The twin thing could have come off as contrived and an easy plot device to assassinate the queen, but they handled it well by only playing that card once and playing it quickly. Pace seems fine to me: there has been a significant plot event every episode. And production does seem maybe a little cheaper than GOT but it’s still miles better than anything Disney+ is doing. Still #teamblack. I thought Otto was going to tell Aegon that his kingship was a lie, but he doesn’t know that does he?
  3. Her: “Hey Buzzette wants me to take her and some friends to the beach the third week of July.” Me: “Ok, I’ll be traveling for work that week.” Her: “Which week?” I mean wtf.
  4. Carli’s wardrobe person does not like her
  5. Buzzrock

    USMNT 2024

    Starting the wave should be a felony
  6. Hit this on a rainy day after the museum and really liked it. It’s tiny though. https://maps.app.goo.gl/nH5W7mzTKaVEugqp6?g_st=com.google.maps.preview.copy
  7. Well? TIL: keep your BGE covered and open the top and bottom vents (but leave the mesh closed lest you invite critters to nest inside) and it cuts down on the mold in humid weather.
  8. Talk to me about your thigh roasting approach (and I’m not talking about your college days)
  9. Still really digging the Silver Grove from New Riff. Worth grabbing if it’s available near you. Quite rich and interesting for a four-year.
  10. 4 oz Lalo 2 oz watermelon juice 2oz lime juice 1 oz agave Two slices jalapeño Ice Blend Pretty solid. Needed less ice, too thick. But tasty.
  11. I agree that Sainz wasn’t wrong, but listening to him ask the team what RC was thinking reminds me of when my son watches the baseball being fielded vs just putting his head down and running the bases.
  12. Sainz should just drive instead of worry about what RC is doing
  13. Zak Brown’s a pretty likable dude.
  14. Anyone know West 22nd? Austin bar band playing in Atlanta tonight.
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