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  1. Not to continue the derail, but Ravenous is fucking WILD. I didn’t think Robert Carlyle could portray a crazier character than Begbie in the Trainspotting. The music is really mesmerizing as well. Definitely in for this. Melling was great in Ballad of Buster Scruggs.
  2. Visually stunning is table stakes now, and is not nearly enough to make a movie good much less “great”. See: the most recent Jurassic Park. And the one before it.
  3. For those longing for movies like this, go watch The Nice Guys asap. It’s six years old now but it’s a hilarious buddy private investigator movie with Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe. It’s the last good Shane Black movie. Very quotable.
  4. Why did it take a half hour for first responders to arrive in the middle of Los Angeles?
  5. Big fan of Adam Jones and Tool and his less-is-more approach. He’s the anti-noodler. Doesn’t he own some silly percentage of the existing Gibson silverburst LP’s? Or maybe that’s just lore. Looks like they MSRP’d for $1300 and are sold out and now list for $2000 on Reverb.
  6. Buzzrock


    Never got into this artist #Heardle #286 [emoji347][emoji834][emoji834][emoji834][emoji834][emoji834][emoji834] https://spotify.com/heardle?r=share
  7. Took me three tries to get through Nope. Not very good. And I liked his previous films.
  8. Buzzrock


    It’s a banger #Heardle #284 [emoji344][emoji834][emoji833][emoji833][emoji833][emoji833] https://spotify.com/heardle?r=share
  9. Had to give up my Foals ticket for tomorrow. Daughter’s chorus concert. No ragrets.
  10. It’s just not Pantera. You can’t recreate Dime. Although Charlie does a damn good job on drums.
  11. Buzzrock


    I’ve heard that song. Thought it was Hozier. #Heardle #283 [emoji347][emoji834][emoji834][emoji834][emoji834][emoji834] https://spotify.com/heardle?r=share
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    Nope. It’s annoying how the first clip is longer the first time you play it. Not that it would have helped today. #Heardle #282 https://spotify.com/heardle?r=share
  13. The opening voice over sounds like it was taken from Bilbo Baggins.
  14. Happy to see James Gunn at the helm. I hope it’s not too serious, because that looked pretty serious.
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    No shame #Heardle #281 https://spotify.com/heardle?r=share
  16. I feel like I’m being punked. This Benchmark Top Shelf is really good.
  17. Yeah that does not sound good at all.
  18. And where does all their shit go?
  19. Yeah he’s complex. Not bound by dogma. Sounds like another ex-Jedi who has had new material released recently.
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