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  1. Most newer C-130J's are 15' longer than the older E/H model that you're used to seeing. That might be what you're referring to.
  2. I too would recommend the Chad Briscoe center.
  3. It was a fun experience from a nostalgia perspective, but holy fuck now I remember why I hated that place so much. As previously mentioned, the lines for food and merchandise were unbearable. We walked into the dome around 5pm and the lines for everything were at least 50+ people deep on the bottom level. We were in the club level, so we went up there and the lines were just as bad. I then made the decision to get food and gear during the first quarter thinking the lines would be shorter. Wrong. I went downstairs with 5 min left in the 1st quarter to get a couple t-shirts, food, and a couple cocktails and came back at fucking halftime. The only saving grace were the beer guys selling shitty domestics so I unfortunately drank more Bud Light than I have in the past 20 years. Also, I expected them to honor past players and really play up the history of the dome better than they did. I mean, David Robinson, the greatest MFer to ever play in the dome, only came out between quarters to announce the attendance. That's the best we can do to honor one of our greatest players of all time? I swear the game day experience and marketing team for the Spurs are the worst in the league. Maybe it's just a small market thing, but go to any other game in any other city and you'll see the difference. This was their time to shine, with the nation's eye balls on our little city and I think we just shit the bed with the experience imo. I'm not bitter and I did enjoy myself, but I guess I was just expecting more. But maybe that's just pinche puro San Antonio.
  4. Anyone going to the game at the Dome tomorrow? Wife and I are driving from Dallas.
  5. There are plenty of linemen AFA grads that are pilots.
  6. And I won this week, making me the champ as a 5-8 #8 seed. I also won my other league as a 5-7 #8 seed. Just more proof that the waiver wire is just as important as the draft.
  7. Our dumbass commish made Week 18 the championship, therefore last weekend was the semis. I'm up 7 with my opponent having Allen and the Buf D. In the other game, one team is up 16 with the opponent having Higgins and McPherson. Since we can't just split the pot or use Week 18 points to determine, we've decided to just wipe the slate clean and use Week 18 points to decide 1-4.
  8. He probably didn't know the APU was inop, therefore engines still running during external power hook up.
  9. Just flew a 3-day trip. Never saw a cancellation on the airport screens and everything seemed to be back to normal, including only 1 of the 4 airplanes I flew having working wifi. We fucking suck at anything that involves technology.
  10. Is there a Texas game watching spot in LA? I'll be there tomorrow night during the Alamo Bowl and the LA Texas Exes page is a ghost town.
  11. SWA will come out of this just fine. They will lose maybe half of the customers that got fucked this week, but other than that it will be business as usual in a few weeks. As a SWA pilot like @Your Mom, I have my little "burn it to the ground" foam finger on as I watch this meltdown happen. The bigger the disaster, the more leverage we have as a pilot group to FINALLY get the scheduling changes we've been asking for for years. Our union has put in 1000s of hours of research and handed the company a scheduling proposal that would benefit both the pilots and the company by cutting the number of deadheads, reroutes, and other inefficiencies, but SWA has stood firm that their practices are good enough. This is the result. I don't care what Bob Jordan, Gary Kelly, or any of the other Bobs have to say unless it's "getting a new contract with our pilots is our #1 priority". FUPM.
  12. This is way more common than you think on later model GM trucks with the 6 or 8 speed. My 2016 Sierra trans shit the bed at 75k miles. Torque converter starts eating itself up which spreads metal through the fluid which in turn FODs out the trans. GM covered $1500 of the $5500 cost for an OEM replacement, and that was only after I fought with GM Corporate.
  13. Big 12 schools not named Texas or OU: "GTFO. We don't need you anymore." Texas and OU: "Ok bye" Other schools: "Well, could you like, still play us though?" Get fucked. Enjoy your BYU/Cincy Big 12 championship.
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