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  1. Which games has he officiated for us this year?
  2. I say this every year in this thread, but death, taxes, and Falls City losing to Mart are the only givens in life. Let's see if it holds true this year. My entire mom's side of the family is from Falls City so they're my rooting interest once my Coppell Cowboys bow out, which is always by round 3.
  3. Everything downtown already pretty much sold out. Like this year's game in T-Town, I'll wait until the week prior when people start cancelling rooms to book.
  4. So do we get Mar for the Tech game to try to keep us out of the championship? Or do we get him in the championship if we win?
  5. Yep. He lives in Lubbock. He worked at a bank or something and supposedly got death threats at work after the game. https://www.linkedin.com/in/kelly-deterding-532ba118
  6. One of our asshole cats does this when he gets UTIs. We usually find blood in the piss at the same time. Still love the little fucker though.
  7. Don't count out Midlothian Heritage. 5AD2 R2 is stacked.
  8. You guys are forgetting the most egregious call from that entire game, which was the Mason Rudolph fumble that was CLEARLY recovered by us but the LJ, the same one that called all the bogus holding calls and bumped into CS, sprints in from the sideline and immediately awards the ball to OSU without even seeing who had possession (we did). I did a breakdown of all the bogus calls by that LJ on Shaggy, and it was truly rage-inspiring.
  9. Yep, looking for 9. Same row or 2 consecutive rows. Long shot I know but maybe you and your Mormon family are looking to stay home on Friday.
  10. I hate that we're even talking about this when we still have 3 very losable games left, but the best scenario for us to make the CFP is to win out and pray FSU loses to Miami, UF, or in the ACC Championship. The BIG, SEC, and PAC will have a spot unless Wash or Ore lose 2 which is very unlikely.
  11. There are 2 families, 9 of us total, trying to go to our first Texas volleyball game against Tech on Nov 25th. It's slim pickens are the secondary market. If you're looking to sell or know of a way to get a few just to get in the building, let me know.
  12. I would pay $100 for a non-binary Bud Light at this point [no cr]
  13. I can't believe we're living in 2023 and there are still football stadiums that I can't buy beer in. Hell on earth.
  14. Last minute decided I'm going to this game. Never been to the toilet bowl so: 1. Best place to park? 2. Where's the Surly tailgate?
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