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  1. Rome Odunze is just terrifically good. As naturally, most Nigerians are. Deep, short, possession, redzone, YAC, all of it. Think the edge and Hill be key in disrupting the pass game. Asking the secondary to hold for any length of time likely not a successful strategy.
  2. why the fuck would you run out instead of getting the 1st down
  3. unreal how bad that throw was. with all day
  4. c'mon Corn people.... or whatever grain you grow out in them parts...
  5. have you seen Iowa's offense? easiest team to make that decision on. even if you don't get it, their offense is hardly built to make you pay
  6. never know what might happen. Iowa could surprise us
  7. how in God's name does anyone think Washington isn't in? are people trolling on this site?
  8. CBS thinks we are in. At least Neuheisel and Brian Jones do. as the #3 seed, playing Washington. Not the best matchup for us, but we will take it
  9. why don't people understand this. let's make it easy. 4 slots. 1 is gone (Washington). if Georgia won, that would be 2 gone for sure. with Alabama winning, it is actually not certain that it is gone. It's not understanding the difference between a certain outcome and an opportunity
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