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  1. they need to have a gentle conversation with Sapochnik about lighting in these episodes. Dark shouldn't mean damn near unwatchable. For reference see Deakins
  2. narrows it down to one of two people, and unless its a total head fake, Shuri is the one featured prominently in that trailer. I can see Marvel deciding to let this out before it hits to deal with whatever backlash might be coming now...
  3. Hell of a throw. Got an arm on him.
  4. Marcus Peters got into it with Harbaugh.
  5. I just don’t understand what Harbaugh was thinking. You are playing the #1 defense. They’ve stopped you from capitalizing multiple times. You have Tucker. Take the 3 and put the pressure on the Bills, but you turn around and put all the pressure on your team so that even a FG wins it for the other team. Completely changes then type of defense that your coordinator will call. Ridiculous call. This isn’t college football.
  6. You realize it was 4th down right? What was he supposed to do. He was backpedaling and avoiding a certain sack and threw it to an open player in the endzone. The safety made a great play to close on it. Baltimore is in “let them score” consideration now.
  7. Harbaugh has some explaining to do. Rushing the QB has to be one of the most frustrating experiences in the NFL today.
  8. I don’t get that call. Take the points.
  9. doesn't mean anything. he would automatically be going to a tertiary care center, most likely the University Hospital which is almost always a Level I trauma center. this is a matter of routine.
  10. my suspicion of sports doctors continues
  11. that was on him though, enough time to get that ball away
  12. The complaint on the other thread is about the lack of action. I this episode was the best of the lot. The quality of the two main actresses took a leap forward and that helped a ton
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