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  1. I started looking up this French kid with my brother in law who is a 6a uil boys basketball coach. What’s the skinny on this kid? NBA draft.net has some scooter kid as the #1 pick but everyone is flipping out about this French kid so was curious.
  2. We need a closer, shift pressly to a set up man.
  3. Regular season champs Yankees always win these. We win in the playoffs.
  4. Up in the cheap seats looking all lonely. She needs some D. Those tiddies were about to fall out that red dress.
  5. I want smith. But I bet okc takes him and we get Chet. Chet size and weight are the obvious worry. He doesn’t even have a frame to add weight like a porzingis did.
  6. I mean is there a massive difference between the 3 guys? It’s not like any of them are for sure all stars. Kind of a crap shoot.
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