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  1. We’re hiring the winner of tonight’s game. It’s part of the ceremony. They hoist the trophy then walk to the table with cdc and signs the contract with Texas.
  2. Heupel looks like a homeless guy with no teeth.
  3. Sure Abbott get up and walk over here and shake on it and it’s a done deal.
  4. Well after Tennessee wins tonight vitello will be the one we want, unless Aggy wins then schloss is the man!! Either way we will hire a winner!
  5. I had crabs when he was here, he left and it went away!
  6. I’m putting 10k on the vols tomorrow . I, drank a lot today and I’m off tomorrow so let’s get crazy!
  7. I bet aggy says the spray is cheating on the bat handle.
  8. I literally read that as the Nicholson Joker.
  9. Damn. Well this sucks but aggy has a damn good team. And taking Schloss will be the cherry on top.
  10. I’m waiting or that high powered tenn offense
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