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  1. You’d think after almost 50 games JA would have lucked into 1 homer.
  2. Here to hoping our offense can score more than 0 tonight!
  3. This is why you can’t assume the same team will show up and do the same thing it did last year. Always be looking to improve the team and keep the window open with being married to certain guys forever. it’s actually quite impressive how fast this offense disappears for 20 innings
  4. I’ll take a sweep any day no matter how we do it. But this offense has to pick it up. It’s crazy how bad they’ve been this year and thank God our pitching is elite. If we could hit and score like the rangerettes we would be 46-0.
  5. Ok I’d take cam spencer. 3 point shooting is a must in college basketball and he’s elite at it. Sign him up.
  6. I don’t think I’d get rid of sengun. But I’d definitely look to moving some players with the #4 pick to upgrade the roster. I’d give up smith before I would move sengun.
  7. I mean doubt we get him so it won’t matter, I’m probably caught up in the name more than anything else. I just know we need more guards but with us adding Hunter back he probably won’t fit who we are and I still don’t know what that will even look like under RT.
  8. Would be a huge pickup and a back court that would have to be the best in the country. Might already be without love.
  9. Is Love even interested in Texas? Last I saw it was Indiana and Missouri as the biggest threat to get him.
  10. I would want Love all day but I'm not sure Texas is on his radar? Last I saw it said Indiana and Missouri were the favorites but what do 9.95ers know.
  11. I mean I’d be shocked if he isn’t injured in his first season. Look at Chet. Same build as that. Straight bean pole.
  12. Well let’s hope he’s the biggest bust in the history of the nba.
  13. Sounds like altuve is picking up where he left off in the playoffs.
  14. We have a ton of assets(young players and future picks) we can use in trades if we go all in on upgrading the roster over the summer. after another year of bullshit lottery shit luck I say fuck the tank process and get aggressive and try and trade for a couple of stars and use a few young guys and future picks.
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