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  1. Lulz who neg reps a hate thread. Lmao.
  2. But that’s not all, not only does she play football Jim she also pees standing up
  3. Yep and I feel like 99% of our fanbase(even some here) think the same way. And tbh I get it. We have figured it out the last 7 years and I think in our head we think “ok they’ll win out and make the playoffs and get hot and make the WS again”. But I believe my eyes way more than my fantasy brain of hope. This current team is not even on the same stratosphere as previous teams and I think these guys know that and are just saying whatever at this point.
  4. Y’all better hope dusty leaves. At this point whatever is posted here the opposite happens so now I’m feeling a new 3 year contract in the way.
  5. Yea no shit. You guys should hang a banner for taking a lead 7 games left in the season.
  6. I think this is more beautiful. Post yours next.
  7. Yea after we won I didn’t text bama fans like we own the world now. When we won two titles and went to 4 WS I wasn’t looking for rangers fans to text or talk too. I didn’t give a fuck.
  8. Fuck these guys until we sweep Seattle and they pull me right back in. You watch. It’s gonna happen.
  9. They know how to do just enough to tease us. I’m literally blown away at how bad we have sucked against what we thought were for sure wins.
  10. I feel like they are just messing with us. Get it back to 1 then give up 3. Fuck you. Don’t worry this team will let Seattle run a train on us and finish us off next.
  11. Lullz. Except they kept winning after they(Astros, Red Sox, Yankees, dodgers and yes the rangers) cheated and went to 3 more WS and won another. If they cheated and that’s why they won they proved dumb asses like you wrong. Enjoy your hand job you give your fellow ranger fans for I guess possibly making the playoffs? But until your shit stain franchise makes 4 in 6 years and wins 2 there is no thread of hate just a. Ton of envy for what your team will never have.
  12. Remember the good times and embrace the memories of years past.
  13. Lulz go wash the sand out of your vag. If it’s that big of a deal then quit calling them aggy and call them Aggie since you’re so above it. And it’s not my fault you guys roll out dudes for cheerleaders like ousucks does. Oh wait I meant OU. Don’t want to be a hayseed.
  14. This team is done. Out of gas and don’t give a fuck they’re losing to the royals. Embarrassing. But couldn’t have ever dreamed of a run we just went on. 4 WS and 2 rings.
  15. They’ve almost picked off two of the 6 pass plays we run.
  16. Why run the ball there? They quick pass works so run it till they stop it. This is why we start slow because we call dumb plays to start the game off.
  17. I’m convinced these Dr Pepper fansville commercials are based off surly posters.
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