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  1. I would do my best to get that agent fired if they let some mouth breathing mick jump me in boarding priority because they were wearing a Celtics jersey.
  2. This whole serve your prison time when it’s convenient for you rubs me the wrong way. Guilty. Handcuffs. Straight onto the bus. Sucking dick by dinner.
  3. They lose whatever good cop status they have when they keep their mouth shut when one of their coworkers crosses the line. Until the cops aggressively rid themselves of their bad apples, they are to be treated with contempt and suspicion.
  4. Might be in Collin County. He’d get 15-20 for a snickers bar up there.
  5. If someone walked in front of their ball that close to their line they would throw a hissy fit.
  6. If one of us wants to cook we have this amazing invention called a kitchen.
  7. I think I would prefer a nice turnover chain or pimp cane. We could put either one next to Quinn’s wrasslin belt he won as mvp of the b12 title game.
  8. The plaque for the alternates is in the lady’s room.
  9. Mavs/Lakers WCF was an epic series. It will get overlooked because of the star power in the rest of the bracket, but that was an epic series. The Mavs, Hawks, and Bucks from that era are criminally underrated teams because they couldn’t get over the Lakers/Celtics hump. Look at those rosters, those teams were fucking loaded.
  10. A bunch of Hugenots ended up in Charleston.
  11. I’m a little surprised Nike hasn’t made them add Clark.
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