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  1. I’m confused if there was a typo here.
  2. I’ve got a jet ski that needs some work.
  3. I was helping my little sister move an absurdly heavy couch into her 3rd floor apartment across the street from the Pike house. I think the guy thought C-Mart was close enough that I couldn’t possibly lose him. I was getting ready to make the left into C-Mart, the light turned yellow, and I made my move. As Darrell Royal once said, luck is when preparation meets opportunity.
  4. Wordle 419 4/6 Daily Quordle 200 quordle.com #Worldle #203 3/6 (100%) https://worldle.teuteuf.fr
  5. Just so you know, I needed to get my hatred for my freshman calculus teacher who barely spoke English off my chest. I’ve now done that now, so consider it over.
  6. I once told a tow truck driver that I would give him $100 to not tow me if he followed me to C-Mart and let me hit the ATM. I saw an opprotunity with a red light at Rio Grande, ran it, and lost him. I tend to not be too judgy on college kids and misdemeanors.
  7. I was going to make a Laci Peterson joke as well but I lacked 100% confidence that I was right on the name. Also didn’t want to give her husband an alibi, as Ketch eating her is completely plausible.
  8. I had 2 high school classmates get their throats slit during an armed robbery, and a third who took a shorgun blast point blank to the chest whose mother was working as a nurse in the ER when they brought him in.
  9. I have no idea. His english was so bad it was basically a self taught course. I managed my C somehow.
  10. I went to high school with a kid who was taking math classes at UTD in the 9th grade. It was probably him. He was the Asian Young Sheldon/Doogie Howser.
  11. I had a Russian guy fresh off the boat who barely spoke English. He would get a less than favorable yelp review.
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