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  1. Friend hired a couple of low level Russian mob guys to handle a domestic violence situation a few years ago. He was satisfied with their work. If anybody needs their contact info dm me.
  2. I wasn’t implying that she was good in the sack. I was just observing that she would have to be really fucking terrible for her sexual ineptitude to surpass her interior decorating ineptitude.
  3. She can take comfort in the fact that she fucks better than she decorates.
  4. I believe he had a sports hernia and came back earlier than expected to, as mentioned already, lead them to the title game.
  5. Wordle 425 5/6 Daily Quordle 206 quordle.com #Worldle #209 2/6 (100%) https://worldle.teuteuf.fr
  6. It does. That area certainly wouldn’t make my list of places I want to live, but it is surrounded on all sides by decent to good neighborhoods. Get north of Forest on Audelia and that’s an above average neighborhood. Everything east is commercial. Go south on Audelia and once you get past Royal you are back into decent homes. South on Skillman there are a few sketchy apartments surrounded by pretty good real estate. I used to party at those apartments on Audelia back in high school.
  7. I watched the Warriors (my second favorite team behind the Mavs) win their second title while sitting by the pool at a safari camp in South Africa at some ungodly hour of the morning. Bartender put me on the honor system, because he wanted to go to bed. Elephants were drinking out of the pool. Pretty zen moment.
  8. That area over behind the Cheddars at 635 and Greenville always seemed sketchy to me, but I’ve never had any reason to venture back in there.
  9. I don’t disagree with that point, but the Talibs are kind of a special case.
  10. What choice do they have? Would they have cap space to replace him if they let him walk? Maybe a sign and trade? They signed up for the Lebron experience, and they are getting the full Lebron experience.
  11. Where exactly is that part of Lake Highlands? Give me a couple of intersections. Because worst area in the metroplex is a little over the top. I graduated from Berkner, live on the west side of Richardson currently, and my sister lives walking distance to LHHS.
  12. “Best player and worst person I ever coached.” -one of Aqib’s former coaches
  13. Wordle 424 4/6 feels like failure with everyone throwing up birdies and eagles. Daily Quordle 205 quordle.com #Worldle #208 1/6 (100%) https://worldle.teuteuf.fr
  14. Southlake MILFs and LT MILFs ain’t all that different.
  15. I drank beer with Adams/Pinkney until the early hours of the morning my freshman year. At one point we asked them if they had a flight to catch, because they had a game to play the next day. Their response was they won’t leave without us. Narrator: they did leave without them.
  16. A little food poisoning might suffice.
  17. If I have to buy some from the store I’m Hebrew National till I die.
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