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  1. I would fold that over and eat the whole fucking thing like a Muchaco. Got damn I'm starving.
  2. I'd say all three of those stations should be happy with that book.
  3. Needs to be the main ingredient on an episode of Chopped.
  4. Dude's laying out $60 lines. And I'm not mad about it.
  5. I do the same thing in the afternoon with the Hardline. Pretty smart of them to start the Speakeasy at 2 instead of 3.
  6. Smoked turkey, dressing, jalapeno corn casserole, mayo for @futureman (and me) on a homemade roll.
  7. Who's doing that? It was easy as fuck.
  8. Aren't you arguing against yourself here?
  9. What's funny is the asterisks apply to their basketball titles too.
  10. Through episode 4 and enjoying the hell outta this season.
  11. Yeah I had no idea Sears was still open until I saw his shoes.
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