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  1. Or for him to call Pulp Fiction the most overrated movie of all time. What a fucking idiot.
  2. Imagine popping bottles after a championship and your first thought is "where's our next billion? Let's get the fuck out!"
  3. Most white trash phrase ever. I mean no offense.
  4. "Well Dad, I only shot 26% from three last year. And that was from the college line." Summer league guys trying to make teams are going to eat his fucking ass alive.
  5. Trip was awesome and went off without a single hitch. @Jimbaround- you were spot on re: TQO. Maybe the smoothest airport experience ever. Only complaint I had was there isn't really anywhere to eat when you're flying out. Carl's Jr. and a Mexican place was pretty much it. Transfer to Puerto Aventuras was a legit $239 r/t before tip. Canada Transfers. Will use them again. Really enjoyed our stay at Barcelo Maya Palace. That hotel sits on a fairly rocky cove, but once you get a few feet out into the water it's all soft sand. We got to swim with the sea turtles every day, which made the trip for my wife and kids. So cool. They just swim right up and will eat out of your hand. And if you're staying at the Palace you have access to the other 4 Barcelo resorts, so you can just walk down the beach a bit to get away from the rocks. It wasn't an issue for us. We made reservations at three different restaurants, and all were really good. Surprisingly good. I'm used to being underwhelmed at AI resort restaurants, to put it lightly. Buffet was decent, with some sleeper dishes (sopes were greatness). Only a couple of issues, but they were small. No private bar on the beach like you get with Diamond Club at Royalton. No drink service at all on the beach actually. But there were no lines for drinks at all, so no big deal. We didn't even bother upgrading to premium. Only real perk with that was no-charge room service. The other thing we didn't like was there's no poolside grill serving burgers, dogs, etc. To eat pretty much anything you had to go to a buffet and get a table. Thanks for the tips.
  6. Lovely brunch today. Buttered sourdough toast, fried egg, hash brown patty, gravy, sausage crumbles, serranos, El Yucateca Habanero. $0.50 plate from Walmart.
  7. Man 1:1 water/vinegar seems way acidic, but maybe at some point you don't really notice a difference. My brine is 3 cups of water, 1 cup of vinegar, a little less than a quarter cup of sea salt. And I don't heat the brine really, just enough to dissolve the salt. That's for jalapenos and serranos. For pickles I add garlic cloves and sprigs of dill to the jar. And peppercorns. Good to eat the next day.
  8. 3-day old Taco Casa beef and beaner brought back to life after going in a pan with some oil. Served up with El Gallo green, sour cream, some japs and serranos I pickled, and that Yucateca XXX Tentacion.
  9. @rage-a-holic The $206 was a r/t quote. Should I be skeptical?
  10. Actually no. Canada transfers is $206 and has way, way better reviews.
  11. I should probably take this and run right? TQO to Puerto Adventuras. Tahoe was $600+
  12. Where does he post this stuff? Some blog right?
  13. Also, everyone please check the first reply to this thread. Thanks and God bless.
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