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  1. Yeah last time we went we got one A-Bomb level tender for the wife and I to split. I was still feeling that thing burning a hole in my stomach the next morning. She was fine of course. If you like spicy (I do), the "hot" there is just right.
  2. How have I never thought of doing this with canned refrieds? There's a jar of bacon fat right there in the fucking fridge!
  3. They'd just say "if you ain't cheating, you ain't trying" while grinning and thinking it's clever.
  4. Discovery District is pretty cool. Not sure about on a Tuesday though. https://discoverydistrict.att.com/
  5. Run, don't walk, to Ricky's Hot Chicken in Richardson (one in Arlington as well). Holy shit it's good.
  6. Well that was a blast from the past. "Saccone's" lol. Saccone deez nuts.
  7. Maybe shoulda put this in CYHMWT, but I wasn't sure so my apologies if so. Looking for a place to host a 16th birthday party for my daughter. North Metroplex, ideally Collin County. Probably around 30 kids. Been looking here and there with no luck, so I'm open to any and all ideas/suggestions. Looked at AirBNB/VRBO but it's slim pickings. Appreciate any info/ideas...
  8. Everytime I see one if these videos I wish I was back in college and it was happening at a restaurant I was working in. So I could be in the back plucking pubes and sprinkling them all over their food like a nice chiffonade of italian parsley.
  9. and somehow it's better than anything any of the hosts have ever done.
  10. I love him, but he never committed to any doubles defensively. Just roaming. Not one shot, not one drive. And the next time he finishes a foul will be the first. Here's the deal Maxi- when you foul in the fucking playoffs, they don't get the shot off. That's kinda the deal.
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