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  1. It means that dude is a pussy. Whenever I get bored I go out in the yard with my sharpshooter and dig holes wherever the fuck I want because I'm a bad ass.
  2. Just poured some 3yr. It's amazing. Love y'all ✌️
  3. Nah, keep posting here @XForce. Pissed off fanbois crack me up.
  4. Agreed. Can't wait for the Tyrone.
  5. I thought this was gonna be a bunch of sample pics.
  6. Have you ever considered shutting the fuck up? Holy fuck. You're an endless stream of know-it-all horse shit and you don't know dick. Shut the fuck up.
  7. Some of these fucking games lately have felt like the 06 Finals. Dame playing the part of Wade's bitch ass tonight.
  8. First movie that came to mind. It's been forever, but I remember loving the first half and wanting to quit on the second.
  9. Son asked me to whip up something for lunch. Had some leftover chicken thighs, some basmati, chicken broth, and holy shit, we had Sazon packets. No onion though unfortunately. So simple and so damn good. Pre-stir pic:
  10. Smoked sausage (Holmes- pretty good for grocery store-bought) on buttered toast with leftover Wick Fowler's, colby jack, Fritos, Torchy's poblano. American cheese under the sausage/chili repping the hinge.
  11. So this thread is exactly like the Ticket thread then? Cool.
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