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  1. Okay, is it just me or are we getting commercial breaks about every three minutes?
  2. Okay, I am ready for this. Bring it.
  3. I have it and there are pros and cons. The pros for me is that you can take it anywhere. There is an app for the phone and tablet. I think there is an app for Roku and Amazon fire. I have an NVidia Shield and was able to side load the app on it. The picture quality on the Shield via the app seems to be better compared to the quality on the Stream set top box. They now have unlimited DVR. There is no contract it is month to month. If you were use to DirecTV satellite like me the channel numbers are the same. The cons Its expensive. I have the top package and I think its around $160 per month, however its the only streaming service that I could find that has LHN, AT&T Sports and Bally Sports Southwest (Rangers and Astros). That package has HBO, Cinemax, and Showtime. It also includes access to HBO Max. They have less expensive packages if you don't need the premium stuff. The set top box is extra. I think they charge $120. My box randomly shuts off several times a day (you don't have to buy the box if you can / will use one of the other solutions via the app. The volume on certain channels goes way down when watching something that has an explosion or some type of really loud noise.
  4. I am somewhat please with DirecTV Stream. The channel numbers are the same as DirecTV sat and I get Astros on AT&T, Rangers on Bally, and LHN. Plus there is an app that I sideloaded to my Nvidia Shield that works way better than the box that they sell you for $120. It comes with unlimited cloud DVR. It is very expensive as I have the premium package but I can watch it anywhere I go. Also, I recently put the old school antenna up in my attic. I live in Plano and can pickup 110 channels.
  5. Also, Jimmy repeats the line from Breaking Bad, "It wasn't me it was Ignacio."
  6. I saw this earlier and wondered if we were after someone from New Jersey. I guess we are.
  7. I think this might have been the turning point of the series.
  8. There is a much different sound made when ball hits bone versus ball hitting aluminum bat. These umps stink.
  9. Anyone know why Pierce didn't challenge the call at 1st on the bunt? I didn't see the replay but it looked really close.
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