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  1. Equally creepy and fun. Bit of an Evil Dead 2 vibe. I liked it, too.
  2. It was a real winner. I made a white queso and even threw a few fried eggs on top.
  3. Hang in there, AB. I hope you recover enough to enjoy your holiday weekend.
  4. Made my cornbread yesterday. Will be making your recipe on Thursday to take to my Dad’s place for football and beer.
  5. Understood. My sincere condolences. Glad you have a firm grasp on "no". Well done.
  6. Explain the passive-aggressive invite, please. How does that go?
  7. While, I'm chopping, I am frequently told that I use too many Onions (just, in general), but yet...no one ever complains about my finished dishes...
  8. I feel that I crank out a very traditional bowl of Texas Red. Try it out. I welcome your feedback. Carne con Chiles.doc
  9. For 6# of Meat, I use 6 fresh Serranos (diced). Also, 8 dried Anchos, and 12 dried Guajillos. Toast the dried peppers, then soak for 20-30 minutes. The Serranos, Anchos, and Guajillos will go in the blender with either the soak-water, broth, beer, whatever. I'm also gonna use 6 White Onions, 12 Garlic cloves, 2 qts of Beef or Pork Stock, 2 Tb Cumin, and 4 Tb Mexican Oregano. If any of that helps...
  10. I do 1:1, but I weigh the flour rather than scoop. I also use Unsalted Butter instead of Oil.
  11. Consult your spreadsheet and get back with us on that.
  12. All-Clad 24 qt Stock Pot has never let me down. Regardless of brand, however, go big...you'll be ready for anything.
  13. I still have that CD player. Since 1991. Use it every day.
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